Friday, November 23, 2007

Grandma’s Brag Book—Part 3

I was used to blonde, blue eyed grandkids until our Noah was born November 23, 2002 ---which makes today his 5th birthday. Happy Birthday Noah! When he was born he came out with a full head of black hair and eyes to match. He was the first of my grandkids that I actually saw delivered. What an amazing thing to be able to help your baby deliver her first baby. Actually Noah’s daddy did the delivering. He was a resident at Akron General Hospital and this was his very first delivery. Of course he had a bit of help from the Obstetrician but he did catch Noah as he came out. What was kind of neat was that both grandmas were in attendance, one on each side of Mommy. Grandpa was able to record the event for posterity on video and film.

As described by his mommy, Noah is a linguistic genius. He had a huge vocabulary by age 2. He was counting objects at 18 months and recognized all of his letters. He was reading some words by age 3. His favorite pastime was working on the computer. He knew how to get into his games and how to get from one to the other before he was 3. Grandma could hardly do that!!

When he began to call people by name, he started calling me Beyuh. We asked him if he meant Bear and he said “NO, Beyuh!!” So Beyuh I have stayed and am proud to probably be the only one known by that particular name. Mr. Snowbird is called Grandpa and the other set of grandparents are known as Mima and Papa. He named all 4 of us by himself.

In June of 2005, the family moved from Barberton to what Noah named the River House. It was a hundred year old home with a huge backyard that went down to the Cuyahoga River. The ducks and geese loved hanging out in the backyard as did the squirrels, deer, opossums and other wildlife. I really, really miss that house.

That December, twins Ethan and Luka joined the family a few weeks early. Because of this, Beyuh spent a lot of time at the Riverhouse helping Mommy out and taking care of Noah until Mommy and the twins came home from the hospital.

In September of 2007, Mommy, Daddy, Noah, and his brothers moved to California. Beyuh and Grandpa really missed them but Mima and Papa were happy because they got to make up for lost time with our grandsons.

We have gotten to visit Noah, Mommy, Daddy, and brothers a couple of times since they moved. Noah still astounds us linguistically. He started Kindergarten this fall in San Diego. He has made friends with a new buddy, Cooper. This was his first friend since he had to leave his best friend, Alex, in Ohio. Alex really misses seeing Noah all the time---and so do I!!



Shama-Lama Mama said...

Oh, thank you for that! What a great blast from the past! Neither Michael nor I had seen that photo of Noah at the computer and figured he had to be just turning three. So cute.

We had a sweet birthday party for him this weekend. Will try to blog about it soon!

Snowbird said...

I'm glad you liked it. I have more pics of Noah at the computer. I'll email them to you.

Can't wait for your blog and pictures of the birthday. Get one of him on his new bike, ok?

Loved talking with the birthday boy too. He sounds so grown up.