Monday, July 30, 2012

Catching Up

I've gotten lazy about blogging this past week.  I've been keeping busy with family, garden and Olympics.  One day I got my bored hubby out of the house and we went to Old Town to walk around.  We had lunch and then just wandered through the shops and even a cemetery.

 Your what is being recorded???  If YOU'RE going to post a sign in YOUR store then get the grammar correct!!!

Love this!
A lovely old church in Old Town

 This Conestoga has seen better days~
 No trip to Old Town is complete without a Margarita and some chips and salsa.
 Century plants

On Saturday Karen and I left the men and boys at home and we spent the day going to Estate Sales and Garage Sales.  She had been on the lookout for an Entertainment Center for me.  We arrived at this sale after it closed but the lady let us in to look at the center.  The price was very right so I came home and measured the space and decided to take it.  On Sunday I babysat the boys while Michael and Karen took their trailer and headed out to get it and haul it to my house.  They set it up and even measured the spot where the new bigger TV will go.
And of course I've been busy in my garden.  I keep rearranging, checking to see what needs watering when and adding to it.  I am beginning to run out of room and realize that I now have WAY too many plants.  But I will deal with it. :)   I decided to get some vining flowers that will grow up the lattice work on our carport and porch area.  I got some Star Jasmine and repotted them today. Boy do they smell good!
I moved some plants over by the tomatoes. But I'm not sure I will leave them there.
 I bought three wrought iron trellises and 3 red Mandevillas and put them between my garden and the neighbor's patio.  These are climbers so eventually I will have a little more privacy. 

 The garden as of today.  I got rid of the bird feeder and am putting the bird seed in a container on the ground.  A lot less messy this way!

 I am trying to grow orchids here in the desert.  I have them hanging in the shade under my Tangelo tree. I also spritz them everyday hoping this will work.
One of my Gardenias is blooming.
 So is one of my Dalias.
 And yes, my neighbor is sharing the tomatoes with me.  They are little guys but they taste good.

 So, that was my week.

Monday, July 23, 2012

My Evening

I spent an hour or so tonight sitting out in my garden or Garden of Eden as my neighbor, Marie, calls it.  A glass of Cab, easy listening music on Pandora and lots of birds coming to visit.  Thought you might like to see some pictures.


It was all very quiet and calming.  And then--the parrots came.  It was the largest flock I've ever seen and oh my, were they LOUD.
All in all a wildlife filled evening. 

Trip to Temecula

On Mother's Day, Karen and I took the whole day and drove up toward Temecula.  We discovered a wonderful nursery and a winery before heading to Old Town Temecula for dinner. When we were at the nursery, I found a little statue I really loved but didn't get it.  So today, after all the work I've done in my little garden,  I decided it was time to go get that statue. I really love this nursery and I have a feeling that I will be going back several times even though it is an hour away outside of Fallbrook.  It is loaded with lots of neat things as well as some really great plants and flowers.  Of course, I had to buy some plants and I also bought my little statue.


From there we drove to outside of Temecula to Wine Country and went to the Keyways Winery.  When we were there in May, they had musical entertainment on Sunday afternoon.  They still do but unfortunately, we were too early.  So, we each bought a glass of wine and some cheese to go with the crackers I had brought with me.  Lots of people just bring their own lunch and buy the wine there.

Then it was on to Temecula. We parked at one end of Old Town and walked to the other end and back again.  Of course we stopped in some shops but the only place I bought anything, believe it or not, was at a fresh produce place. 


These had to be the ugliest things I've ever seen but oh my goodness are they good.  They are called Ugly (Ugli) Tangerines and are locally grown.  The lady at the store gave us a sample and I just had to buy some as well as a mango. Then I bought the biggest head of lettuce I've ever seen for just a dollar. 

After our trek around town, it was too early for dinner so we decided to head home.  Oh and I suppose you wonder what statue I got.  Well, what else would Mama Squirrel get???