Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Last Pub Crawl for the Season

Tootie, Gary, Tink, Mr. Snowbird and I got together today for the last pub crawl before we head back north next week. Sigh! It was 85 degrees so we opted to Pool Bar Crawl. We met at the Holiday Inn Pool Bar where we enjoyed a variety of adult beverages and some food. We were joined by Karen who Tootie and Gary had "met" on another message board.

Since I had never been to this particular Pool Bar or to the Sanibel Holiday Inn before I took a few pictures.
After a couple of drinks each and something to eat, we decided to head to the West Wind Pool Bar. We have been there several times this winter but for some reason it was REALLY crowded there today. After Easter, the tourist season pretty much slows down around here. I don't think anyone told the tourists that though! (I have to admit that the picture I took of the pool doesn't show too much of a crowd!
We had a great time talking, catching up, getting text messages from friends up north etc. We didn't feel too guilty about the nice warm weather though since it apparently is just as warm up north today. So, until our return to Paradise next fall, this will be the last time we will join in the Crawl. I expect Tootie, Gary and Tink to carry on the tradition while we are gone though!


jon said...

Darn!!Can't you wait one more week?We'll be down on the 7th.Missed out on meeting you in January,so I guess we'll have to do it this fall.

Gayle said...

I'm so glad you had perfect weather for your last crawl of the season. I'm looking forward to photos and hearing about Ohio. I've never been there and have no idea what it is like.

Karan said...

Mrs. Snowbird!!! It was so great to meet you and Mr. Snowbird on Sunday! Sad thing that it was your last bar crawl befor heading to your North Home. I'm sure as you head into the sad lane, you will carry many great memories with you of you time spent in paradise this season and will be looking forward to your next season down here. Enjoy spending time with your family and have a safe trip home. Perhaps we can meet up again next spring!

Karan, WhiteDiamondScoot