Thursday, June 04, 2009

I Swear This House Has Ears!

Ok, so Mr. Maytag came out today and replaced the 30 plus year old hose in my washer and got it working just great. So, I did a load of wash--finally. And guess what? Water all over the floor. Not from the machine this time but from the drain pipe. This has been happening on and off for awhile but nothing big. So, we go downstairs and there is water all over the basement floor. The water had backed up in the basement sink and poured all over the basement. Ugh!! So, we call a plumber. Well, thank goodness, Mr. Plumber is a lot less busy that the Maytag Man and came right out!! Maybe Mr. Maytag needs to do a new commercial. Apparently he is a lot busier than he advertises. Or maybe all those 30 and 40 year old machines are going bad now and he is a lot busier fixing them. Anyway, back to the flooded basement and Mr. Plumber. He looked around and knew immediately the problem. Our house is 106 years old. Some of the pipes have been replaced but apparently one section hadn't and still had the 106 year old pipes. Apparently they were mighty clogged. So, Mr. Plumber kindly replaced the 106 year old pipe and hopefully that will do the trick. I'll believe it when I see it--or don't see it (water that is). I swear this house knows we are trying to get rid of it and is rebelling!!

By the way, I did talk to Mr. ReMax Man yesterday and we will sign the contract when we get back from Ireland. Oh, did I mention I'm leaving for Ireland on Monday for 12 days. Can't wait!! 12 days of not having to think about cleaning, selling, floods etc. Nothing but good Irish food, scenery, entertainment, and yes--adult beverages!!!


Melli said...

LOL! I'm glad Mr. Plummer was able to come right away! That's not always so! I think you're right about the house! At 106 years old, I think I'd rebel against new people movin' in on me too!

Your Re/Max guy sounds like he'll do a good job for ya! Have fun in Ireland (oh, how I wish I was going!) and worry about it all when you get back!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Have a wonderful time in Ireland!! You deserve it! The house can wait... and if you're not there to talk about it, it can't rebel!