Sunday, October 04, 2009

Osprey at the Fishing Pier

This evening we went to Pinocchio's for ice cream (yum!!) then drove on down to the Fishing Pier near the Lighthouse. Thanks to the No See Ums, we didn't stay long even though I had sprayed before we left. Anyway--as we approached the pier I saw this Osprey up on top of the pier. I figured he would take off so I took the above picture of him.

And then this one.
We watched a guy netting minnows for awhile then walked further out on the pier. When I turned around, there was my Osprey still sitting there.
I took a couple of pictures and moved farther down the pier. Just then my Osprey flew over onto the roof. One of the fishermen laughed and said that my Osprey saw me taking pictures and decided that he wanted me to take more. So I did! And boy did he pose.
You can see by his orange eyes that he is a Juvenile Osprey. But of all the pictures, this is my favorite.Kind of reminds me of Snoopy as the Vulture.


gpc said...

I love to watch the ospreys. It always amazes me when they catch a fish, and I'm sad for them when they lose one to the pesky gulls.

Carol from Dubuque said...

Thanks for the memories! We love to go to Lighthouse Beach and see the ospreys and other great birds. Of course, a stop at Pinnochio's is mandatory. Love the Dirty Sand Dollar ice cream.

Gayle said...

You are too funny to catch the Snoopy similiarity!! What a beautiful bird, but I'm thinking it could wipe out a chicken coop in no time at all!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Wonderful shots. Lucky he posed so nicely for you! I'll look for your friend at the Lighthouse starting Saturday!! *SMILE*