Sunday, November 08, 2009

Grandkid's Halloween Costumes

I posted a picture of my grandson, Ethan, in his Halloween costume on Camera Critters. A friend asked what the other kids dressed as. Of course all of my pictures came to me by way of my daughter and son but I am going to post them here just the same.

This is my daughter's oldest, Noah in his Ghost Buster's outfit. He has become a Ghost Busters fan. None of his friends knew who or what he was but the adults got a kick out of it.

Ethan, the oldest of the twins, opted to be the cutest little puppy ever!

Luka, the youngest of the twins is REALLY into Thomas the Train. He went as Thomas' friend, James.

My son works for Progressive Insurance so obviously my granddaughter decided to go as Flo the Progressive Spokesperson.
Sam is apparently getting a bit too old for Trick or Treat so he just went out with his friends sans costume. So, sorry Sam, you don't get your picture here!!

But, even though I posted it before, I have to post this picture again. I just think it is so doggone (pun intended) cute!


Tootie said...

How cute!!!

Dale said...

They are just ADORABLE, Nancy! I can't believe how big the twins are!!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

My fave is thomas the tank hehehe

Gayle said...

Halloween photos without snow are so odd looking to me. We always have snow, but at least this year it was around zero. A lot of the time it is -20. Flo would freeze her tail off here! :) Cute grandkids.

Neptunesmuse said...

Thanks so much for posting. The twins are such little cuties and Noah is getting so big. Erin looks like she might not like the Halloween Career Choice, but it original, that for sure.
Thanks again.

Karen C. said...

I love Erin's costume!! Too funny!

Gayle, you think Halloween pics without snow are odd? Wait till you see the Christmas pics with palm trees wrapped in Christmas Lights!