Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Trips to the Beach

So, yesterday was a beach day for me---finally. I find now that I'm a resident with other things to do, I don't get to the beach nearly enough. Yesterday morning, Mr. Snowbird and I went for a 2 mile jaunt down the beach. We walked from Nerita St. to the Summer of 42 cottage. You must understand, Mr. Snowbird is NOT a sheller in any way, shape or form. And it drives me crazy sometimes. Yesterday, we went at high tide. There were lots of Pin Shells washed up on the beach and what might have been some other interesting shells had I had a chance to look. So when we got home, I decided I was going to head back to the beach. Since the Nerita beach is still pretty crowded, I went to Access 5 on West Gulf. As you can see, it was gorgeous and relaxing. But there were NO shells. Absolutely nothing rolling in.
Sooo, I decided to go back to the east end. I went to the Fulgar St. parking lot which isn't too far from Nerita. By now, the tide was starting to go out and there were some more shells to be had.

Still nothing spectacular but I came away with a few keepers. Unfortunately I came away with as much trash as I did shells. Why do people think it's ok to just leave their trash behind for others to pick up? A lot of this probably came off of boats.
Since it is full moon and low tide was around 7:00, I decided to take yet another trip to the beach. I went around 5:00 and could have stayed forever! OMG, I haven't seen this many shells all winter. Full moon means really low tide. That coupled with a storm the other day made for amazing shelling. I picked up a ton of shells. I have no idea what I'm going to do with them. I already have more than enough sitting around the house but I couldn't resist. Could you??

Guess what?? I'm going back this evening and pick up more shells I have no idea what I will do with.


Neptunesmuse said...

I am impressed with the number and quality of the tulips you found. Great haul!!!

sheilabythebeach said...

Beautiful shells, love Sanibel Island!
Found you through your other blog, we seem to be extremely distant cousins; being gr.grandchildren of "Indian Billy" so I thought I'd say hello!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Great beach finds today. Gotta love that low tide.

Gayle said...

So many beautiful colors. My obsessive personality would never be able to leave any behind. I'd be over-run by shells in my home. I'd go for a walk to look for pretty rocks (or something), but it is snowing today. Go enjoy the beach for me!