Wednesday, February 20, 2008

FINALLY--the Remodeling is DONE

Today, Bob the Blind Guy came and installed our new living room blinds. We ordered them a looonnnggg time ago but between our vacation to San Diego and our visit from Bob, we couldn't get together with Bob the Blind Guy. So, today he was on the island and came and installed our beautiful new blinds. We were amazed that the blinds actually match the molding. We are very happy with them. So, finally, the remodeling is DONE!!!!


Shama-Lama Mama said...

YAY!!! And they are so beautiful! I imagine they will keep the heat of the day out much better than the others, and look so good.

Imagine, installing those while blind! You found a very talented Blind Guy! hee hee hee

Snowbird said...

I'm hoping they will keep the place cooler too. They really make it a lot darker in here during the day.

And yes, Bob the Blind Guy is truly talented. He has to be. :-)

Neptunesmuse said...

They looks great.Definately not the fishbowl you had before.
I have plantation blinds installed in my living room windows. I bought matching ones for the other two bedrooms that face the street, but I just haven't gotten around to installing them yet. Maybe I could borrow the blind guy:-)

Have a great evening.

BOSC said...

Beautiful! and no more fishbowl!