Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hangin' With the Kid and Grandkids

Wednesday night we drove to Punta Gorda to pick up our son, oldest grandson, and ONLY (and she doesn't let me forget it) granddaughter. They flew down here via Skybus, a fairly new airline which flies out of Columbus, Ohio. Way last December, our daughter in law heard about this airline and started searching. Apparently the first 10 seats sold for each flight go for $10 one way! She got them round trip tickets for a total of $60 plus tax!! Anyway, we left here two hours in advance not knowing what the traffic would be like as you never know when I 75 is going to be closed down here because of an accident. No traffic or accidents so we get there an hour early. It has to be the tiniest airport you would ever hope to see. One counter, a small glassed in room for security check, a room with one luggage carousel and a few chairs around the perimeter. The passengers have to disembark onto the tarmac then walk through a doorway where all of the people meeting them are standing. I haven't been able to meet someone coming straight off of the plane since 9-11. Anyway, as I said, we got there early so went into the restaurant. It is practically bigger than the whole airport! We had already had dinner so Mr. Snowbird ordered a hot fudge sundae and I splurged on onion rings. Both very good. There were a few others eating there too. One of the airport workers came in and asked if anyone was flying to Greensboro because if they were, they better get over to the airport now! Apparently, since Skybus is the only airline coming in here, they kind of do their own thing. I thought maybe we should head over to the waiting area. Good thing we did because they landed almost 20 minutes early. It kind of sounds like they leave early too if everyone is there. Anyway, we met them then headed back home. The kids were hungry so we stopped at Bahama Breeze for some appetizers and some adult beverages (for the adults). They have a great outside area with a fire pit in the middle. It quickly got their mind off of the snow and cold they had just left.

Thursday was spent just kind of chilling out, some serious R & R, and in the evening going to the Back To The Wild premier.

David had asked me a couple of weeks ago if I could get tickets to a Minnesota Twins pre season game. (Both the Twins and Red Sox have spring training in Ft. Myers). The last day of spring training was yesterday and I managed to get tickets. We were lucky enough to be up high enough so we were in the shade the whole time. Dave hadn't told the kids but kept it as a surprise. They spent most of the morning trying to guess where we were going but had no clue until we turned into the parking lot.

I have to work at CROW this afternoon. Since baby bird season has begun, that will be my primary job. Dave and the kids are taking me to work and then will head to West Gulf to enjoy a day on the beach. You have to be a Sanibel resident with an A parking pass to be able to park on West Gulf. This is the area where there are just homes so the crowds are minimal. MUCH better than the beach near us which for the past few weeks looks like pictures I've seen of Coney Island with wall to wall people. Then this evening we are going to go to the Schoolhouse Theatre to see a play-Lucky Stiff. Several weeks ago at the CROW Art Auction, I bid for and won gift certificates to the Schoolhouse so we are using some of them tonight.

They leave from the same tiny terminal Tuesday night and I think we should probably be there a bit early--just in case. Until then we have no plans for the rest of the time they are here. I guess we will just hangin' and chillin' and playin' it by ear.