Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Auctioning Off All (Well Most) of My Worldly Goods

Yesterday was our auction sale. I had been moving stuff out of the house to the barn for a few weeks now so I was getting used to living without a lot of stuff.

Trent, the auctioneer, and his helper showed up at 9:30 am. She went right to work setting out the items.Trent had asked if he could bring a few things from another guy to make the sale a little bigger. I had said, "sure". Apparently a few things turned into the guy's whole household! Trent was a bit upset to say the least. He promised to sell my things first since it was my sale! Since the sale didn't start until 5:00, he knew that it would be dark before the sale ended.

Once Trent and his muscle got back they started hauling stuff out of the house.The two rows of stuff on the left side of the yard is my stuff. The two rows of stuff on the right is part of the other guy's stuff. Kind of gives you an idea of how much stuff the other guy had! Trent started the sale promptly at 5:00. He started with my glassware then moved on to the front yard for the furniture.
He finished up with my stuff and then moved on to the other guy's stuff. When I talked to Trent later, he said that my stuff did pretty well--not so good for the other guy. It would appear that people were either tired or it got too dark because they couldn't even give away a bunch of his stuff. A gorgeous sofa sold for $15!! Sure wish I had needed a new couch.

I won't know how we did until sometime next week but at least that is out of the way. It was kind of sad but I just keep thinking how much happier I will be when I finally settle into my Sanibel home.

Today was spent cleaning house, UPSing 5 boxes south, and making some phone calls.

Tomorrow we head up to Detroit to pick up my daughter at the airport then head to my brother's house to visit with him and his 3 daughters and their families. Trust me, this is a momentous occasion. I haven't seen my brother nor spoken to him in 9 years. He "disowned" me for reasons I will never understand but his daughter's made him see that it was time to put an end to this ridiculousness!! I am so excited. Wish me luck.


The Farmer Files said...

Wow, who got the other guy's stuff out of your yard...the leftovers? Excited for your reunion because you are excited.

Gayle said...

Karma bit the intruder in the butt! I think this has convinced me not to collect or save anything. Don't want to go through having to get rid of it later on. I hope the reunion turns out to be a positive event. Too bad it is happening just as you are moving away, but better than never.

Neptunesmuse said...

Glad your sale went well. Less stuff to donate or haul away. I am sure your glass did well. Many people love the red glass items.
Good luck with your brother. I bet he disowned you because your kids were cuter than his (LOL).
I am heading west tomorrow morning for a very short (3 day-2 night stay)on Sanibel. I sure wish you were home. Maybe later in the year.
Take care

Snowbird said...

Thanks guys for the good wishes for my reunion.

As for who hauled away the leftovers from the sale--Trent is doing that tomorrow. Right now it is all in my barn or in a wagon in the back yard. He is also going to take a couple of my items which were not even worth putting out for sale.

Linda, sure wish I was going to be there too. Hopefully one of these days!