Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us

48 years! Wow, where does time go? Our wedding was fairly small. Just close friends and family. The reception was ice cream and cake in the church basement with a reception at my brother's later for family.

Not having a lot of money to spend on the wedding, I chose a short wedding dress. I had it made to be the exact same style as the bridesmaid dress I was wearing later that year in one of my bridesmaid's wedding. And Marilyn, my maid of honor, would only have to buy one dress as she was in both weddings. The bridesmaid's dresses did have an overskirt but they didn't wear them for my wedding. The dresses were light blue. Look how even all of the skirts are! One of my regrets now is not having a long dress. I think a bride should look like a princess on her wedding day and I'm not sure I looked like a princess.

Forgive the grainy picture but it is a picture of a picture.Here are all but two of us 40 years later. Since we went to the studio for our formal wedding pictures, the only ones at the church were snapshots.
So here we are 48 years later. Two great children. Five fantastic grandchildren. Good health. And retirement on Sanibel Island. What more can one ask for!


The Farmer Files said...

Many congrats! So wonderful to have lifelong friends, too.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Congrats!! Here's to many more years!!

RottenMom said...

Oh, this is such a sweet post. Congratulations on your 48th! Thank you for sharing your wedding photos, they are beautiful.