Monday, December 15, 2008

What I Love About This Island

I would imagine you recall my saying more than once that I LOVE this island, this paradise, this place where we are fortunate enough to call home. And why, you may ask.

Ok, here are a few reasons.
Reason #1. Every so often on a Sunday afternoon, we get a call from Tootie saying, "Let's Crawl!!" Well, maybe she doesn't use those exact words but I get her meaning. So, we meet at one of the local pubs/bars. While there, we meet up with other Crawlers (all of whom we have met online) and have lunch. Then, we generally move on to another pub/bar and if it's really nice outside, a pool bar. (It doesn't get a whole lot better than that.) And then, some Crawlers even crawl to a third place for more adult beverages, more talk, and sometime dinner. Yesterday was one of those days.

The crew at Biddles Bucket. All of us met at one point or another on the BOSC Message Board. We have Tootie, Gary, Tink, the Snowbirds, Sandpail Gail, Sanibel Lover and Mr. Sanibel Lover. From Biddles we moved on to the pool bar at the West Wind Inn. The weather was perfect but unfortunately the no see ums decided they wanted to party with us.

Another blogging buddy sent the original Crawlers (Tink, Tootie, Gary and the Snowbirds) some shot glasses from the frozen tundra of Alaska.

Of course we had to toast Gayle at the White House with our treasured gifts.

Of course some of us had to head to the beach to see what shells there were to be had and to watch the sunset. Some of the Crawlers headed to McT's but the Snowbirds decided to crawl on home.

Reason #2. I can go to the beach whenever I want. Unfortunately, I don't go as much as I could because when you live on a tropical island, you tend to get a bit lazy. And gee whiz, it takes me 5 whole minutes to drive to the beach. At any rate, this morning I decided that I should get my lazy buns out of the house and head to the beach. The last three days have been really low tides and pretty good shelling. (Or so I heard). By the time I got to the beach, it was a bit past low tide but there were still lots of shells to be had and not a lot of competition for them. There were really very few people on the beach. Did I mention that December is my favorite time down here. Warm, no snow, and very few tourists. Anyway, I found lots of nice shells--whelks, paper figs, tulips, sharks eyes, and even a few Mac & Cheese. (These are orange Horse Conches which Tink has named Mac & Cheese.) I actually found one about 4 inches long but unfortunately it had a resident in it and on Sanibel it is illegal to take live shells.

This was the high tide line on the beach this morning. Lots of pen shells and sea urchins but also some nice finds buried under them.

Do you see what I see? A buried Alphabet Cone. Beautiful!!

Oh well, guess I don't really want half a beautiful Alphabet Cone.

This is what makes me crazy. Abandoned fishing line and beer cans.

Look at the size of that hook?? How would you like stepping on that with bare feet?

Just to show you how big this thing really is!!

My haul today already soaking in their little bath. Want to do a little cyber shelling?

Reason #3. Dinner on my deck!! Ok so I didn't take any pictures but we had tacos and margaritas for dinner on our deck with all of our flowers and candles. Life doesn't get a whole lot better.


ღ Alice ღ said...

I can't get over the shells in the bucket!!! First thing I did was show my hubby :) That was a huge hook, pretty rusty too, imagine if someone that needs their tetanus shot (like me) stepped on it.Not a good thing. Thanks for the pics,I love them all :)

The Farmer Files said...

I want to go cyber shelling! No shelling on Oahu, and one of my favorite San Diego memories as a child! I saw the video of your grandchildren! Wow they are so identical, even with those identical apples, too boot! ;)

Shama-Lama Mama said...

Oooh, I am glad Gail got to go out with you this time. Loved the pics.

Gayle said...

You are so right, I don't think it does get much better than that. I wanted to let Mr. Snowbird know that was a very nice smile when he toasted! :) I'd have dinner on the deck, too, if it wasn't under a foot of snow! :) Happy Crawling!

Pia K said...

One thing I remember most vividly about Sanibel, well most of the aprts in Florida we went to really, was the very relaxed, friendly way of socialize.

And the shells of course, if I lived there I'd turn into a Sanibel hunchback for sure:) I still have those shells in a box meaning to turn them into jewellery but has never, obviously, gotten around to it.

Sigh, I completely understand your love for the place!