Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ireland Day 7

We were informed at breakfast that our friend, Jan, had fallen the night before and injured her back. Al was going to take her to a doctor and probably for an xray. So, unfortunately, we left for the day without them. It felt really weird without them as we had spent most of our time together since we left Newark.

Today we drove around the Ring of Kerry. This is a drive around the Iveragh Peninsula and is one of the most beautiful drives imaginable. Our first stop was on an overlook out in the country where we gathered and had a group picture taken. And of course we had to have our picture taken with Alex. We tend to have quite an album of these now! The scenery today was what I expected Ireland to look like. Hedgerows, stone fences, rivers, lakes, bays, sheep, etc. And Nigel was great at imparting some of Ireland's history. He also told us how they cut the peat logs from the ground and them group them to dry.Since several of us had complained a bit about not having ample shopping time, Alex stopped at a shop which drew people in by giving away free cups of Irish Coffee. And who can turn down a free cup of Irish Coffee?? Anyway, the store had great stuff and I finally found a purple shawl to go with my long Montgomery tartan skirt. I have searched for one forever! I wasn't the only one who found what she wanted. Linda found the perfect engagement ring. Alex's reaction was great--even if it was posed for my camera.
A little farther down the road we ran into a leprechaun beside the road. Strange how his pot of gold would be empty when he appeared there in the morning but it would be full of tourist gold when he finished the day! But it's really a treat when you've been kissed on the cheek by a leprechaun. I should know!Another treat on the Ring of Kerry was the BEST sheep dog demonstration I have every seen. The shepherd and his two dogs were amazing. I took about a hundred pictures of the demonstration but I won't bore you with them all. Here are a couple. As I said, the scenery today was gorgeous. And, yes, I took lots and lots of pictures. Here are a few.It was a great day but I was really sad that we couldn't share it with Jan and Al. When we got back we found that she had to go to the hospital for xrays. Unfortunately there is no hospital in Killarney so they had to take a taxi to Tralee. The cabbie told them that when they were done he would come back and get them. At the hospital, she had a consultation, xrays, another consultation, and then spent a lot of time with a physical therapist who was trying to fit her with canes or crutches. She had torn a muscle in her back--thank goodness no break. The first doctor they went to cost 60 euros. The cabbie charged them 40 euros (not too bad since it is about 60 km roundtrip) and the hospital, xrays, consultations, and crutches cost all of 80 euros. There is something to be said for socialized medicine!!

When we got back to Killarney a few of us decided to take a Jaunting Car tour. But I will save that for another post. This has gotten way to long already. So, until next time.


The Farmer Files said...

Vistas are serene! Hope Jan was able to continue on your trip. Torn anything in your back sounds unbearable!

Turquoise Diaries said...

I always wanted to travel to Ireland so thanks for sharing your story. I also love your blog and will keep visiting..

Gayle said...

The Australian Shepards are awesome...such smart dogs. Looks like such a beautiful tour.