Sunday, June 24, 2012

Doing Some Gardening

So, today I decided to do some outdoor work.  First off, we went to Home Depot to get some paint for the kitchen.  That way, when the mood strikes me, I will have it!  Then I headed to the garden department where I picked up some bird seed for my feeder and some red geraniums. I have found that for some reason, geraniums grow like crazy out here. 

I found, though, that my roses weren't doing so well out front. Even though they are supposed to have full sun apparently they don't like El Cajon full sun at least in pots. My neighbor, Marie, (the tomato lady) told me that they were getting too much sun even though hers is out front in the sun and doing fine. I guess maybe it's because mine  are in pots.    So, I decided to moved them out back and plant them in part of my "gee, what am I going to do with this space" spot. They will have some sun but won't get the full brunt of the hot afternoon sun--and they will be in the ground not in pots.

The ground was like a brick so I had to wet it down good to dig and keep wetting it more as I went along.  But I managed to get the job done.
The guy I bought the place from had tons of cement borders just laying around so I decided to "wall" off my roses.  
I just hope they grow better here than they did out front.  I also decided to put a ditch around my Tangelo tree.  I noticed that my neighbor had done that to hers.  And I put one of my irrigation sprinklers inside.  But I think I will probably just water it with the hose.  Gets the job done a lot faster.

And my little Tangelo tree does have babies on it.  Lots of them.  I just hope they make it so I will have fresh oranges just outside my back door.  I always wanted an orange tree in Florida but didn't have room for one.  

Oh and the tomatoes are growing like crazy.  My neighbor, Linda, told me that Marie has grown her tomatoes there for YEARS.  I'm not sure how I'm going to handle this come next spring!

So, you might ask what I did with the geraniums I bought at Home Depot.  I will repot them some other day!  The 4 roses and the Tangelo tree did me in!


Erin said...

Just tell her you're completely redesigning the backyard. Tell her this a lot. Come next spring, make sure there is already something else where the tomatoes used to be. She will get over it. It's YOUR yard, so do what YOU want with it.


sue in mexico mo said...

I always heard you shouldn't plant tomatoes in the same place each year. Tell her it is time to rotate her crops! Does she read your blog?

Snowbird said...

I think I will plant something there as soon as the tomatoes are done. And no, Sue, she doesn't read my blog! I doubt that she even has a computer much less internet.

gpc said...

Erin's right. She will understand, but she can't know if you don't tell her! I've been adding a little compost each year to my Saginaw clay garden and it's making a big difference. I'm sure you'll slowly amend your soil, too! :)