Saturday, June 23, 2012

Unexpected Things Keep Getting in the Way

Not too much going on--at least nothing much that I could take pictures of.  There are lots of things I want to do or need to do but things keep getting in the way--ie: Yesterday morning our gas counter top range started "clicking".  I traced it down to the automatic starter for the pilot light on one of the burners.  It wouldn't quit trying to ignite. Just click, click, click!  So, off I went to the office to get some advice.  They gave me the name of a guy who lives in the park who is a retired electrician and handyman.  I gave him a call and he came right over. All he did was disconnect the wire to that burner.  The burner still works. It just doesn't have an automatic igniter. 

Then during all this, my glasses frame broke.  Same place that the first set of frames I had like this. I got new glasses in Ft. Myers and a few weeks later the frames broke.  So they ordered a new pair just like them.  They broke yesterday in the same place.  So, I went to Walmart to see if they had frames in stock that would fit the lenses.  He recommended that I just get them welded.  I could go to a place in the mall which would cost me about $45 or drive about a half hour to a cheaper place.  I opted for the place in the mall.  I couldn't get them for 2 hours though.  So, I finished shopping and drove home.  I can see ok without them but things are a bit blurry.  When I got home, I dug out my old glasses and realized that I really liked them better than the new prescription anyway.  Much better!  So I still paid the $45 and are now using the "new" glasses as back ups and will go back to wearing my old prescription.

I also put a silver privacy/sun shade film on my sliding glass doors yesterday.  It had some when we moved in but was not in good shape.  It took awhile but I got both windows covered.  This morning I found the film to one of the windows on the floor so had to start all over again with that one. 

Then I go outside to find that my left rear tire is going flat. My son in law had taken our car in to get the oil changed, tires checked etc when we were in Ohio.  One of the tires had a nail in it but was deemed ok to drive.  Apparently the nail is taking it's toll on the tire.  I have never had to deal with flat tires before since Chuck always handled that.  So, in numerous emails back and forth to Michael who was at work and a call from Karen inviting us over for dinner tonight, I will have Michael fill it with his compressor tonight and then head to Costco tomorrow or Monday to have the tire repaired.

We did have fun last night.  Karen and Michael have a friend, Jason Heil who was in a play at Lamb's Players Theatre  in Coronado.  They were doing a world premier musical of Joe vs the Volcano (taken from the movie with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan).

Jason had gotten 4 free tickets and offered them to K and M so they decided to take the kids and invited us to go too.  We had to pay for tickets but got them cheaper than usual.  The kids were great even though they were up waaayyy past their bedtimes.  They really enjoyed the whole experience as did we. 

So that has pretty much been our life the past few days.  Lots of unexpected stuff but I guess that's the way life goes.


ChrisC said...

Looks like you have finally made it "home." I'm gonna miss seeing you every so often.But who knows? I just might make it to Cali one day.We still have the 'net.

Erin said...

Ugh, things just come in droves, don't they? Well, I hope things are boring now and all you have to blog about is your garden and how much you are enjoying California :)


gpc said...

Wonderful that the kids enjoyed it! Now you can be a theatre family from top to bottom. :) Sorry for all the aggravation, though.