Saturday, June 16, 2012

My New "Yard" and "Garden"

As you all know, I absolutely loved my deck in Sanibel. I went out there numerous times a day just to see what might be swimming or walking by. Unfortunately I don't have that here. But, when I was looking for a place I wanted something that at least had a little green I could look at instead of just cement and other trailers. I did find a place which was workable even though the trailer needed a ton of work! Well, most of the inside work is done now so I am able to move on outside. I have no idea what I am going to do with the area but hopefully this book will help.

When I moved in, my next door neighbor, Marie, informed me that the previous owner had allowed her to plant some tomato plants on his property. I couldn't very well tell her that she couldn't continue to take care of her 3 plants so she comes over daily to tend to her tomatoes. I can't quite understand it though since she has a bigger back yard than I do with lots of places to plant her tomatoes. After this growing season is over, I think the tomato spot will become mine again! I'm just hoping I get some of the fruits of her labor. (I will admit, though, that she gave me a bunch of peaches from her tree today--enough to make a cobbler. Can't tell you the last time I even attempted to make a cobbler but I'm game!)

Marie's back yard--room for tomatoes there???

My yard (with weeds) and her tomato plants and blue bucket.

My Amaryllis when I moved in

My Amaryllis this morning

My Amaryllis after some much needed weeding and trimming.

My backyard with my Tangelo tree which has tiny little green tangelos on it.More of my backyard. I need to decide what to plant where the black plastic is now.

My Tangelo tree with my neighbor's patio on the right.
I believe these are Canna's. Whatever they are, they are beautiful!!

My other neighbor's patio. Not much privacy here!
I am seriously considering putting up a privacy fence. I was so used to having total privacy on our deck in Sanibel and this is kind of getting to me. But one thing at a time. Oh, and the wonderful hose laying all over is just part of the irrigation system the previous owner had. There is hose laying everywhere. Really ugly and unsightly. So, my son in law is installing a new system with much smaller hose and directional little spigots which stick in the ground. It will look every so much better!!!

Small world time here--the neighbor who's deck is right out in back of me is from Lima, Ohio and spent a few years in Findlay living with her grandmother. Her last name is Poling and is probably related to one of my aides when I taught pre school many years ago.

I have opted to go with potted plants in the front of the trailer for now. Geraniums grow like crazy out here and apparently so do roses. The three plants in the middle are Dahlias. They are an experiment. I'm hoping they do ok. They are definitely beautiful and remind me of my mom as she always had lots of them in her garden.

The view on the other side of my trailer. Lots of vegetation which I will probably leave alone.
Except maybe for the Killer Cactus!
The Killer Cactus

but deadly.
So there you have a tour of my garden such as it is for now. I haven't really had a garden--ever that I can remember. I had orchids in Sanibel and of course my potted plants on my deck but that wasn't really a garden. My husband used to grow roses years and years ago but all I did with them was pick them and enjoy them. All I had in Findlay were Peonies, lilacs, and some daffodils and crocus. So, this will be a whole new adventure with all new varieties of plants and flowers to learn about. I'm sure there will be a lot of trial and error but it should be fun.


Erin said...

Looking at the vast expanse of plastic... I think I would try to put a couple of raised beds, with either stepping stones or gravel (or both) in between them. This will save your back while tending to them. You could raise seasonal vegetables and herbs in them. Just a thought from a former organic vegetable gardener!


Gayle said...

I would totally put up the privacy fence as tall as you are allowed before it gets on your nerves to much. My brother has a trailer in a 55 and up mobile home that is as equally crowded. Must be popular in CA to get the most bang for their buck in the park.

Can't wait to see what you do with that space. And, ya, her tomatoes need to go!! :)

Snowbird said...

My son in law was installing more of the irrigation system today and Marie came over and seemed a bit irritated because he was working around "her" tomatoes. Once tomato season is over, those plants go and I quickly plant something else in there!!!