Monday, August 06, 2012

Back to the Zoo

I am so glad that we got a zoo membership.  This means we can go anytime the spirit moves us--and it is only 20 minutes from home.  Sometimes, when we lived on Sanibel,  it took me almost that much time to get off island! Also, Hubby gets bored quite easily and loves to go to the zoo.  His frequent comment while we are there is "This is a really nice park." 

So, last week, we took off for the zoo again.  The first thing we did was to take the bus tour--one of the perks that came with our Diamond membership. The zoo was really crowded and there was quite a line for the tour.

Since the use the double decker buses, we had our choice of upper or lower.

 We chose upper.

No, the upper level didn't have a roof.  This is the roof of the boarding area.

The view from up top was great.  Here is a view of the polar bear compound.  Can you spot him?

Baby cheetahs

 Lots of people looking at something.


 I love the Meercats.  Probably my favorite zoo animal.

A new addition to the zoo--a Sun Bear.


One of the double deckers.  Not sure why this one was blue instead of red.

Some ruffled feathers!

Lots of Giraffes.  
 Juveniles--all by the same dad.  Look at the wee one.  So cute.
 Lined up waiting to be hand fed by the tourists.

Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree.

The zoo is having a China celebration this summer.  Maybe that's why the line is a mile long to see the Pandas!  We still haven't seen them.  Maybe we will wait for a few months and see the new baby that was just born. Of course then the line will be REALLY long!!

Apparently there was some kind of costumed scavenger hunt going on.  We saw quite a few adults in costume.

I thought the camels were kind of interesting. They have both kinds--the Dromedary (one hump) and the Bactrian (two humps).
 This poor guy has a problem!

One nice thing about having a membership is we know we don't have to see everything in one day.  We can take our time, see what we want and go home when we are tired.  So after a very nice sit down lunch at Albert's Restaurant with a 20% off coupon (another perk with our membership), we wandered back to the front of the park and on to our car.  I know we are going to get more than our money's worth out of our pass.


ChrisC said...

I loved the photos of the pink flamingos!Don't they remind you of Florida?

gpc said...

Retirement is looking pretty good -- what a lovely way to spend a day!