Monday, August 13, 2012

Chuck Turns 83

For a year now, everytime someone has asked my husband "How are you", his response is "I'm alive.  I'm 82 years old."  Well, now he has to change it to 83!  Last Friday, August 10th was his birthday.  This is the first time that we have celebrated his birthday with Karen's family. 

First of all we went to his favorite restaurant, Casa de Pico.  We discovered the restuarant soon after we arrived here and it quickly became his favorite place.  So, we loaded everyone in the van and headed  there for his birthday dinner. 

Luka already to eat

Noah had a different idea of what to do with his utensils.

Chuck and Michael

Enjoying yummy margaritas

Karen and Ethan  trying out their drinks

Luka with "the best burrito ever"!

Michael and Noah having a heart to heart

We always have to remind Chuck to smile.

So he did!!

Ethan and Noah lending some assistance with opening presents.

Come on Grandpa, open it.

Getting rid of the tape

Hmmm, what do we have here?

 His new San Diego hat.  He told me a couple of weeks ago that now that we lived here, he needed one.

A pretty new Cabana shirt.  Now if I can just get him to wear it untucked!!

Happy Birthday

Lots of help lighting the candles

Make a wish

Luckily there weren't 83 candles!!

And of course the birthday boy gets the first piece of cake.

Happy 83rd Chuck. 


ChrisC said...

Tell Chuck Happy Birthday from the newest Slacker!

KariLu said...

OMG! When we lived in California we LOVED Casa de Pico! We would drive the 2 hours from Long Beach just for dinner. They used to be in the old town/historic district, but I understand they have moved. I am so glad you discovered it and love it!

Rambling Woods said...

Happy Birthday Chuck...Michelle