Thursday, October 30, 2008

Aloha Friday #4

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that everyone takes it easy (kind of like it is here on Sanibel). I found this great meme on several blogs that I read and it looked like fun--so here goes. I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response. Then when you've answered my question, go on over to An Island Life for other fun Aloha Friday questions and to play along!

My question is:
How many US Presidents have you seen in person?

I have seen 4 that I remember. The first one was President Eisenhower. Admittedly he wasn't president anymore but I still saw him. My roommate and I were in Gettysburg at a gift shop which overlooked the Eisenhower farm. The lady who owned the shop told us to stand by a certain window because her husband, who was Ike's driver, had just gone to get him. And sure enough, he drove right by us.
The second one was John F. Kennedy. I'm not totally sure I saw him but I think I did. We were on the sidewalk outside of the White House and saw two men in suits walking near the Oval Office. I'm pretty sure one of the men was JFK.
The third was Gerald Ford. He was campaigning in Findlay and gave a speech from the steps of the Elks Club. When he made his way through the crowd, he shook my son's hand.
The fourth was when Bill Clinton ran for his second term. He and Chelsea were campaigning from the back of a train and they stopped in Bowling Green, Ohio where he spoke. My friend and I had chosen a really good spot to stand in until all of the press corp got in front of us. Believe it or not, Brit Hume came by and offered to take our cameras and get better pictures than what we could get. Obviously we let him. So there you are. Who have you seen in person?


The Farmer Files said...

I have seen four less than you, none!

MariBy said...

I also have seen zero Presidents.

However, as far as heads of state go...I have seen Queen Elizabeth three times.

gail said...

Let's see, I saw a lot of would-be presidents . . . and I saw Bill Clinton at a rally before the election (does that count?)

I saw George W. Bush when his limo unexpectedly drove down a street where I was taking a lunch time walk (he was on his way to a talk at the Detroit Economic Club and actually rolled down the window and waved, otherwise I wouldn't have known it was him!).

I saw Ronald Reagan twice when he spoke at my kids' schools.

And I saw Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip years ago, when we were all much younger -- they were traveling down the St. Clair River on the Royal Yacht and passed by our house. We stood out on the dock and waved, and even though we weren't on the Canadian side of the river, they waved back!

happyathome said...

Hmmm, one which was Bill Clinton, since I use to live in Clinton, CT he stopped by there. I have seen more Congressional than anyone else. This certainly will not be a dull election.

sheila said...

Well, I've been hoping to see Obama, but he's always been sold out. Hopefully in the future, he'll be the ONE President that I'll actually see in person!


TheAngelForever said...

None yet, but who knows what the future holds :)

Jennifer said...

I haven't seen any presidents. Maybe onr day, though. :)

Happy Aloha friday!

Snowbird said...

Gail, did Queen Elizabeth give you the "Queen wave"?

Bridgette said...


Tink *~*~* said...

None. I've been on hand to see their choppers land on the helipads downtown NYC, but they are always surrounded by secret service when they get out and I never laid eyes on any of them.

Tink *~*~*

gail said...

Snowbird, ya, you betcha - although Queen E had not perfected her wave yet. She was still young, I was certainly younger than 10, which was (quite) a few decades ago.

Cathi said...

I've seen a few from a distance but I have never actually met any.