Saturday, November 22, 2008

Noah is 6 Years Old!!!

I just noticed that since I wrote this yesterday the date says Saturday, November 22. Noah's actual birthday is today--Sunday, November 23rd.

Six years ago today, my baby had her first baby. I was able to be right there beside her when he was born. And what really made it special was that his daddy, who was a resident at the time, was allowed to deliver him. His very first delivery!

This was the first picture that Noah took with his mom. Doesn't it look like he is smiling at her?

When he was about 3 months old, he made his first trip to Sanibel.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Noah and his cousin, Erin. His mommy, the photographer, took this picture.

Karen took advantage of Noah's natural mohawk when he was almost a year old. This was his first Halloween outfit.

This is the requisite dirty face lst birthday picture.

When Noah was born, I went down to the gift shop and bought him his first pair of scrubs. Here he is with daddy in their matching scrubs.

Here he is rocking out.

I love this picture of Noah. Again, thanks to him mommy, the photographer.

Noah's mommy and daddy have attended several Rainbow Gatherings. So has Noah, his grandpa and his Beyuh. This is the name he gave me from the time he first started naming things and it has stuck to this day. Anyway, here we are on the 4th of July, 2005 at the Rainbow Gathering.

In December of 2005, Noah's whole world changed when he got twin brothers, Luka and Ethan.

Unfortunately for me, Noah and his family moved to California on Labor Day weekend in 2006. That means I only get to see them twice a year now. Sigh! Here they are on the porch of the "River House" in Silver Lake outside of Akron. We all LOVED this house and Noah gave it it's name because the Cuyahoga River flowed through the back yard.

I love Noah's big brown eyes. They are soooo expressive.

Sometimes Noah can be very serious and introspective.

But as his mommy and daddy can attest too, he can also be very active--sometimes a bit too active.

Sometimes his little brothers get the best of him--and do tend to drive him a bit crazy at times.

One of his favorite things to do is play on the computer. He has been able to work a mouse and get into a program since he was 18 months old!!

And here he is with his Mama. Remember that adoring look he gave her when he was a newborn. I still see that look once in awhile still.

Noah, I am so proud of you and just can't believe that you are already 6 years old and a lst grader. I just wish I could see you more often than I do. Grandpa and I love you very much and wish you the best birthday ever.


The Farmer Files said...

Such great pictures! Love the mohawk picture!

Gayle said...

That's a very nice post of your grandson!

gail said...

He is such a gorgeous child and your photos are wonderful. Happy grandma anniversary! Lucky you, to have several each year! :)

ChrisC and JonJ said...

That is so sweet!

Mare said...

What a beautiful, adorable, handsome little man! Noah just does not take a bad photo-LOL!

The photo of the newborn Noah smiling at his Mommy just made me melt. What an incredible, special moment. =)

Happy Birthday, Noah.

And Happy Anniversary, Beyuh and Grandpa. ;)

MariBy said...

You are Beyuh - are you? Well, I know someone who is called BeBop! :)

Noah is a very striking young man - he looks sooo much like his Daddy!

Happy 6th Birthday, Noah! Hope you have a great birthday and a wonderful year/1

Shama-Lama Mama said...

Sorry I didn't write sooner! We did show this post to Noah on his birthday and he really enjoyed that it was out there, and that strangers were wishing him a happy birthday.

Unfortunately, the craziness of his birthday and Thanksgiving prevented me from doing a post of my own! Thank goodness for grandmas!