Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Sunday Sanibel Crawlers

So, we now have an official name. And we added four new members today--Tony and Cheryl who just moved from Missouri to Sanibel and Becky and Kevin who are Tootie's daughter and son in law visiting from Indiana. And we decided that we would accept any and all new members but whoever joins from now on has to buy the first round!!! Just kidding. We started out at the Sanibel Grille but it was mobbed!! We couldn't even get in the place so we headed to Biddles Bucket. Joining us were Gary and Tootie, Kevin and Becky, Tony and Cheryl, and Tink. We ate there and used our "round tuits" for a second round. Since it is below 60 degrees on the island today we decided that pool bar hopping was out so headed to McT's.

It was great getting to know new friends and learning more about old friends. I have a new hero. Tootie's daughter, Becky, is my hero. Please, please, please go to this post on Tooties blog to see what this lady has gone through. I am now wearing a new bracelet which says "We Support Becky" and I will be wearing it until Becky doesn't need me to wear it anymore.

Becky and Kevin, it was great meeting you guys and I can't wait until you visit again--and Becky--as I said, you are my hero. My love, prayers, and thoughts are with you. And Kevin too. And, thank you for sharing the pictures of your kiddos. They are beautiful.


Rambling Woods said...

I read the post about Becky. Oh my much can one person deal with. She sounds like an amazing person and I will keep her in my thoughts....

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The Farmer Files said...

So inspiring that she is living out loud and that so many have blessed her and her husband. Inspires me to practice random acts of kindness more often.

Mare said...

I just love that you named your group. ;)

And I will keep Becky in my thoughts and prayers. What an amazingly strong woman!