Thursday, November 20, 2008

A View From the Deck

As you know, we live in the land of critters. We never know what we will see next. A hawk may fly across the deck. An egret may come knocking at the door. A raccoon may trot across the deck with no fear. An armadillo may live under the Florida Room. A snake may get wedged in the door. Etc etc etc.

Remember the Anhinga I told you about last week. The one we rescued, rehabbed, and released. Well, it seems that he kind of likes hanging around in our little neck of the woods. The above picture is one I took when we released him. The next one is kind of hard to see but I took it a couple of days ago just after he got done swimming and fishing and had hopped up on a branch to dry his wings.

As you know, we love our deck. I love looking over the railing and seeing what is swimming around in the creek, hanging out in the trees, or standing on the bank getting a drink. Yesterday, I wasn't quite so thrilled with the site when I peered over the railing. As I have repeatedly said, snakes are not my favorite form of wildlife. Well, this is what I saw.

Shudder, shudder! I would love to know what this guy swallowed! On second thought, maybe I don't!!!


Gayle said...

Gross! Absolutely gross! There is no other word for it except maybe terror!

Jess said...

I'm jealous. I don't have a deck because the stupid village I live in won't allow it because of their stupid rules. Nor do I have a view of anything besides a trampoline and a fence. Exciting, huh?! I guess that's what I get for settling in Suburbia!

MariBy said...

Oooh Snowbird...I didn't know you had waterfront property! ;)

Rambling Woods said...

What a great view and yup..the snake has something making that bulge..

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Mare said...

Is it okay to laugh? 'Cause I'm laughing right now! ;)

I can just imagine you looking over the railing and seeing that swiming, bulging snake. After your 'snake in the door' experience, I'm sure you weren't enjoying his show-LOL!