Thursday, May 08, 2008

On Our Way North

I was awake at 4:58 AM to turn off the alarm that was set for 5:00. Of course, I didn't get to sleep until about 2:30 so not much sleep. We closed windows, shut blinds, turned off fans (I may have forgotten one), hauled out the trash, packed the computer, and were in the car at 6:00. We set the GPS and it said we had 731 miles to go today to get to Cleveland, Tennessee. We always stay at the same motel (the Ramada) on our way north. Don't know why, just do!!

We left Sanibel and Florida in gorgeous sunny, hot weather. It progressively became cloudier and cloudier. Part of it was smoke from brush fires around Punta Gorda. We took turns driving although Mr. Snowbird drove longer since I refuse to drive through rush hour traffic in Atlanta. Once we got out of that traffic, I took over for the last hour and a half. Of course just as I took over, it started raining. By the time I hit Chattanooga it was POURING. Did I mention, I dislike driving in the rain--a lot!! We pulled into the motel at 7:00 PM. I of course had white knuckles!! We checked in, unpacked what we needed for the night--including a bottle of red adult beverage. Then we hopped back in the car and went to Wendy's for take out. Back to the hotel for sandwiches and several glasses of the red stuff. Even though I am whipped, I HAVE to stay up until 11:00 so I can see LOST. I am not about to miss that.

Tomorrow we head to Carrollton, Kentucky where we will meet up with friends at the Kentucky Scottish Weekend. We will also see our friend, Alex Beaton, as he entertains at these games. We are staying at the lodge at General Butler State Park where the games are held. I don't know if there will be internet access there so you may not hear from me until Sunday or Monday. We will head on to Findlay Sunday afternoon.

I always hate to leave Sanibel but it seemed harder this year for some reason. I think it's because more and more of our lives revolve around Sanibel, CROW, and all our friends down there.


Tink *~*~* said...

Hang in there, Snowbird. The months will fly by, and you'll be back down here before you know it! Look at the bright side - you're leaving before the love bugs REALLY go berserk! :D I'm looking forward to hearing about this Scottish thing. Take lots of pictures, ok?

Tink *~*~*

MariBy said...

Red adult beverage with Wendy's, you say? hmmm.....interesting dinner pairing. ;)

I always look forward to your blogging Snowbird, I am anticipating lots of nice tales on your way north.