Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I have mentioned before that I used to be involved in Community Theatre-The Fort Findlay Playhouse. I haven't done anything there in years except last June when I took part in a presentation of old radio scripts. I loved it because there were only a few rehearsals and nothing to memorize since they read scripts on the old radio shows. I played Mrs. Anderson in Sorry Wrong Number--a role created by Agnes Moorhead who I think was a fantastic actress. I had a ball doing it and had hoped to take part in this year's show but I had a conflict. Anyway, tonight was the Playhouse's Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet. Since I'm not a member anymore and only took part in the one show, I didn't go. Bill, who lives with us and who is very active in the Playhouse of course attended. I had even forgotten that tonight was the banquet until he walked in tonight and presented me with an Excellence in Acting for a Female in a Major Role. I about passed out!! I had no idea that the radio shows were even considered for awards. So, wow!! I am thrilled and I couldn't be more surprised. Geez, I didn't even have an acceptance speech ready. Anyway, I had to brag a wee bit.


Shama-Lama Mama said...

Oh my GOSH! That's awesome, Mom! Congrats! I knew you still had it in you. I haven't seen you act is SO LONG.

I have to say, for your other readers... While we were growing up, my Mom built up quite a collection of these awards, best actress, best director, best ensemble, etc. The stretched across a wide windowsill.

You ROCK, Mom!

gpc said...

How very cool -- congratulations!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Oh what an awesome surprise - congratulations! :)

Gumby said...

congrats! my award for Mortimer (that YOU directed) still means a lot to me.

There are other things from Camelot that still stick in my mind... Arthur striking his melodramatic pose and calling out "Lance! Save her Lance!" than biting his hand.

I wanted to slap him.