Friday, May 23, 2008

A Weekend of Soccer

LAST UPDATE-2:30 PM Sunday. We just got home about a half hour ago. I guess you could probably figure out that the girls didn't make the championship game. They did win their game 4-1 this morning--geez, 9:00 is early for a game!! Anyway, they won but there were two divisions in their age group. Even if the team who beat them yesterday was to lose today, they still had the win over our team and would represent our division in the championship game. I don't think the girls were all that upset. They just wanted to go back to the hotel and go swimming. Anyway, we said our goodbyes and came on home so I can watch the Indy 500 on TV. It was a looonnnggg weekend of soccer but a lot of fun.

UPDATE-11:00 PM Saturday. We got back from a full day of soccer about an hour ago. Erin's team lost their game 2-1 this afternoon. I won't say that the ref swayed the game but I've seen better and more impartial reffing over the years! I would lay money on the team that they played this afternoon winning the whole thing. Granted, they were a good team, but a lot of calls went their way. Oh well. I think the parents--and grandparents--were more upset than the girls were. We left that game and headed to the Columbus Crew stadium. A very nice stadium built just for soccer. We were allowed in early and the girls were allowed to go down to the field level but not on the field. We were able to take some team pictures which was kind of nice. Then we headed out to get some brats. It was dollar night for brats tonight. That was fantastic--except--it cost $3.75 for a pop/soda or water and $7 or $9 for beer!!! We then headed for our seats which were way in the corner but not bad seats. It's been years and years since I was at a pro soccer game. You know those long plastic horns that make so much noise. Well, they sold them there and practically everyone around us had them. Arrrrrrrrgggggg. The girls got to go down on the field at half time and kick balls in the net to make money for the Crew's charity. They each got a T shirt which was kind of neat. It was a good game but the Crew lost 1-0 with only about a minute left in the game. We have another game at 9:00 AM tomorrow. I doubt that the girls will be in the Championship game but who knows. More tomorrow when I get home. Oh, by the way, go Danica Patrick!!

UPDATE-11:25 AM Saturday. We got back from the first game about an hour ago. Erin's team won handily 7-1 or maybe 6-1. We kind of lost count and don't ask the girls because they don't know! All they know is they won. We did see the other two teams they will play this weekend and they look big! Hopefully our girls will take it to them. Erin played in goal for the first half. She wasn't challenged a whole lot and didn't allow any goals. She played forward the 2nd period and looked pretty darn good. One of the girls scored 4 of the 7 goals--or was it 6 goals? Anyway, she has another game this afternoon. More later.

That's our girl about to kick the ball.

We are headed to Columbus for the weekend to watch my beautiful granddaughter play in a soccer tournament.

Erin has been playing soccer since she was 5. I guess that would make this her 5th or 6th year. Wow. Anyway, she has been on a travel team for about 3 years now. Last summer, she tried out for and won a spot on the #1 travel team. This year, the team decided to go Division 1. (Ok, I'm not up on divisions etc but I guess this is pretty elite.) Anyway, her team is the only Division 1 team in her age group on the east side of Cleveland and they have to travel to and play at least 5 teams on the west side. So each trip is about an hour one way. They have apparently done very well. Last I heard they were 6-0-1. Not too shabby. Apparently the west side teams aren't real happy with these upstarts!

Anyway, this weekend they are playing in a big soccer tournament in Columbus. They play two games on Saturday and one on Sunday morning. If they make it to the championship game, then they play on Sunday afternoon. Also, on Saturday night, the entire team and their families (that includes us) will be attending a Columbus Crew game. The Crew is the pro soccer team in Columbus. I have never seen them play so know nothing about them. The only pro soccer game I ever attended was years ago (probably before Erin was even born) when Dave and I went to see the Cleveland Crunch. (Ya gotta love the names of pro soccer teams!) But, I digress. Back to the Crew. Apparently there will be a half time something or other and the girls will be down on the field. I don't know if they will be playing or just being introduced. But, how cool huh? But you better believe that Grandma will have her trusty camera and take lots of pictures.

It should be a fun weekend. Wish our girl and her teammates luck.

You go girl!!


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Great pictures! That's awesome that she made the travel team - and that they're doing so well! I hope they win this weekend! :)

MariBy said...

Awesome! Go Erin!

Shama-Lama Mama said...

You go, girl! I mean Erin, not YOU Mom! Have a great weekend. I am likely taking Noah to SeaWorld!

gpc said...

Wow, very impressive - and what a pretty and confident young woman. Sounds like a great time for all of you!