Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tied to the Computer

I feel guilty when I don't post on here. Man, it's tough being handcuffed to a blog!! Anyway, after our weekend of soccer, I have been tied to the computer but not to my blog. Years ago, in one of my collecting fits, I collected hockey cards. Now, I am trying to find out what they are worth so I am going through thousands of cards. Thank goodness, Beckett has online prices--for a price. But it sure beats going to the store, looking for the right book, then spending hours and hours trying to find the right card in the book. Here all I have to do is plug in a name and a card number and lo and behold, it gives me the current price. But--it does mean I am tied to my computer for hours on end. Thank goodness I'm retired and don't have a lot of other stuff to do--except getting ready for a garage sale, cleaning the house, trying to get a contractor to fix and paint the house, and trying to keep up with my blog!


Dianne said...

oh yes - thank goodness you only have those few things to do! LOL

make sure to take computer sanity breaks.

Tink *~*~* said...

Hey, don't feel bad about not blogging. As someone said to me once, we do this for pleasure - it's not mandatory!

You know what, you might want to consider Utterz. I've been messing with it, as you know, and it's pretty easy. You can blog while you're driving, just by making a phone call. And after you Utter, you have something like 10 minutes to send a text or a pic that Utterz will mash together for you with your Utter, creating a mutli-media blog post.

All told, it is pretty cool, and I'm starting to get comfortable using it. It beats having a thought and then not remembering it when you finally sit down at the computer. My recommendation: phone it in! ::thumbs up::