Monday, May 11, 2009

Be With You Soonl

Just to let everyone know that I haven't disappeared. We left Sanibel last Thursday am and drove 12 hours to Cleveland, Tennessee where we spent the night. The next day we drove 6 hours to Carrollton, Kentucky where we met three of our friends. I got "gussied" up in my Clan Montgomery tartan skirt and we attended the Patrons dinner for the Kentucky Scottish Weekend.
The next day we attended the games where we spent most of our time listening to Alex Beaton and a fantastic group called Coyote Run. Yesterday after attending Kirk and listening to Alex one more time, we headed to Findlay. We went out to eat last night at a new, very nice seafood restaurant here in town. It's about time they got a decent seafood restaurant here. I won't miss Sanibel quite so much, I guess.

Today, I spent the whole day cleaning two rooms and starting to get rid of a lot of stuff!! More about that later. I did take pictures this weekend and will post them when I get the chance. Lots to do this week but just wanted you all to know I made it to Findlay safe and sound.


gpc said...

Glad you're safely there -- more sagas of bob the builder to come?

Snowbird said...

Gail, I don't know if it will be Bob the Builder but it will be some builder. I've had it with Bob!!!

Tootie said...

Good to hear you made it ok. Also, great to know you are digging right in to 'get r dune'! Come on back, the sooner, the better! :-)

Neptunesmuse said...

Now that I know you are at the house, St. Joe will be on his way to you.
Good luck!!