Friday, May 29, 2009

Murphey's Law or Do Machines Have Ears??

Murphey's Law states that What can go wrong--will go wrong. Ok, I accept that. But, I also think that machines have ears and let you know it when they can!!

We had our first appointment with a Real Estate Agent (Greg from ReMax). Things went great. He seemed like he really knew his business and his mother was actually a Real Estate Agent too. Anyway, that's not the point of this post. Of course, he went through the house and asked if we would be leaving the appliances. Yeah!! We don't have room in a 34' trailer for all that stuff. He asked about our washer and dryer and we bragged that we had only had 1 repair call on our almost 40 year old Maytags.

OK, so after he left, I put a load of laundry in our almost 40 year old Maytag washer. About an hour later, Bill who lives with us, came upstairs and asked if I knew that we had about 2 inches of water in our utility room!!! Luckily our utility room is about 2 inches lower than the kitchen so the water was contained in the utility room. Apparently our almost 40 year old washer had no problem filling with water but did have a problem with spinning it out. So the water just kept pouring in and had nowhere to go but on the floor! Argggggg. So, we opened the back door and swept most of the two inches of water out the back door. Then I had to empty the machine by hand--after I had removed the soaking wet laundry from the washer and the soaking wet laundry which had been sitting on the floor waiting to go in the second load. Once I got down to the point I couldn't scoop the water out, I had to take a cloth--soak it with water from the machine--and wring it into a bowl. Again and again. Once that was all done, then I had to mop up the remaining water from the floor. Ahhhh, all done. Until we went to the basement and realized that much of the water had seeped through to the AC/Heat vents and was now dripping into the basement. Soooo, then I had to clean up that mess.

Now, how often have we seen on TV that the poor Maytag man has nothing to do? So, we called to get his services. First of all, they said that we hadn't purchased our machine from them. Well, hey, do they keep almost 40 year old records? Then they said that the repairman would call us back and schedule an appointment-----next Tuesday!!!!! So, if the Maytag repairman has so much time on his hands, what is he doing until next Tuesday?

I thought when we came north that I was done with having to run down to the laudramat. Guess not!!


The Farmer Files said...

Oh no...houses must have ears (or feelings) when they find out they are on the market!!!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

There are ears everywhere and they are plotting against us.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

What a nightmare!! But I guess (just maybe) it's better than being in the midst of sale and have it fall through because the buyer actually runs the washer to check it out! On the bright side... Your Maytag lasted you 40 long years!!! Amazing machines!! And you really don't have to include them in the sale if they don't work. Shouldn't really change the sale price.

So sorry that you had to go through that though!! What a huge mess!!! Now don't mention the word s....a....l....e..... inside the house again!

ChrisC and JonJ said...

Ack!!!! I feel for you.Really,I do.Just buy a 2nd hand washer to include with the house.

Neptunesmuse said...

Forty years with the same washer - now that is a quality appliance!!!!
Appliances and transportation do have ears. Everytime I go to trade in a perfectly good car, it develops an oil leak or a funny grinding noise as soon as I drive it to trade it in.
Our things have grown attached to us as much as we have grown attached to them.
Now, go tell the refigerator and the stove that anything the washer says is a lie :-)