Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Big Weekend

This past weekend was a very busy one for us. We headed down to Columbus Friday afternoon where we met up with Dave, Ann and Erin. Erin had a soccer tournament in Dublin on Saturday and Sunday. Her first game was 9:00 am Saturday morning. Unfortunately, her team lost but she looked played pretty good.
Since Erin is on the Travel Softball team as well as the Travel Soccer Team, she had both soccer and softball games that day. She opted to skip the soccer game and play in the softball game, so Ann drove Erin back to Twinsburg (2 1/2 hours one way) for her softball game. Two of her soccer teammates were also on the softball team but didn't go back for the game. After the game Ann turned around and drove back to Columbus bringing Sam with them. Now that's a great mom!

While they were spending 5 hours in the car, Mr. Snowbird, Dave and I headed to German Village. German Village is a lovely part of Columbus with beautiful old homes, shops and restaurants. We walked around for awhile and spent about an hour is a HUGE bookstore. As you can see by the picture, there are 32 rooms. Amazing! Hey Mikey, if you are reading this, we thought about you but we didn't know your address.

We then headed to Schmidts Restaurant for lunch. They are known for their sausage. Yummy food!
The guys had a German Beer Sampler along with their meal.

We headed back to the motel for awhile then went to the Polaris Mall and walked around. Yeah, the guys actually walked around the mall. We didn't buy anything but it was fun looking. We weren't terribly hungry but decided to get a drink so we went to The Pub. A great British Pub with lots of atmosphere and adult beverages. We also shared a sandwich. Then back to the motel where we met up with Ann and the kids.

The next morning we headed to Erin's 8:30 am game. (Now that's dedication folks when you get up that early for a soccer game!) They won the game and were pretty happy girls. Back to the motel to pack and check out. Erin went home with a friend so the rest of us headed to COSI. COSI is a really great hands on Science museum. We spent a couple of hours there then headed back to the motel to pick up our car. We stopped at the grocery store just as a HUGE thunderstorm hit. Mr. Snowbird, Sam and I were in our cars while Dave and Ann were stuck in the store for about 20 minutes.

Then we headed north to Creston, Ohio to Dave's old roommate's house for a Memorial Day picnic. Also there was another roomie, another college friend and Dave's very best friend since childhood. It just amazes me how these guys have all stayed friend all these years. We then headed on to Twinsburg to Dave's.
On Monday, I took Erin shopping for her birthday present. It is a custom that I give her money, then take her out to shop and have lunch. We had a great time together even though she didn't spend all of her money. Then back to Dave's for a cookout and later a fire and S'mores. We headed back to Findlay on Tuesday and got busy on "selling the house projects". It was a long weekend but so much fun. We got to see family and friends. Isn't that what Holidays are for?


Gayle said...

What an action packed weekend. I love watching the boys play their many sports (I don't like chasing the babies at those sports!). Looks like you had great weather as well. Good luck with the house-fixing projects.

ChrisC and JonJ said...

What a great weekend!I don't miss those edays of living in my car,hauling boys to games,etc(even tho,I did get a lot of reading done waiting for them,but you had me with the adult beverages(Jon would shop you with you anyday).
And that book store looks like fun!

Shama-Lama Mama said...

I guess I am just gearing up for that kind of life, what with THREE boys! So far, though, Noah keeps telling me he doesn't want to do ANY sports. I could be happy with just cub scouts and family trips, I think!

You guys packed a lot in! Wish I could have tagged along for this one!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

It sounds like a wonderful weekend. Not a moment wasted. Good company, good food, a good book store!! Topped off with a smore! Yum!!

The Farmer Files said...

WOW Erin's parents must be very, very busy on the weekend with TWO travel teams!! LOL!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

My last name is schmidt. I want to go and stick my head through the little people and have my photo taken.