Monday, July 09, 2012

Billy the Bookcase

So, last week, my daughter gave me the day off and "adult sat" my hubby.  The first place I headed to was IKEA.  We had been there when we first arrived here but at that time I didn't have a trailer yet and had no idea what I wanted.  So this time, I just took my time and wandered through the store.  And what a store it is!!  Anyway, besides a bunch of little items I found a white bookcase which I wanted for my bedroom.

If you have never shopped Ikea before, it is quite an experience.  If you are looking for furniture, you need a piece of paper and a pen or pencil because when you find what you want, you have to write down the number,  the aisle and the bin where it can be found all boxed and waiting for you to pick up---or have some one pick up and put it in the cart for you.

Anyway, this is the shelf I found.  Perfect size and pretty good price too.

So, I wrote down the number, the aisle and the bin. And yes, my bookcase is named Billy!

 After I went through the rest of the store, I headed to the correct shelf and bin in the storeroom and I got an employee to put the thing in the cart for me--It was HEAVY! Then I got another guy outside the store load it in the car for me.  Unfortunately when I got it home I had to haul it in the house.  I actually put the box on it's end and twisted it back and forth until I got it back to my bedroom.

So, I open the box and find the instructions.  Since IKEA is in Sweden, they apparently have decided just to have wordless instructions.  Pictures only.  Pretty funny.  So here I have the tools that the pictures informed that I would need. 

  Paint by picture instructions.

And the pieces needed to build Billy.

 So, I laid everything out, grabbed the wordless instructions and got to work.

This part was easy.  I just had to put pegs in a couple of pieces.

Then I had to put these funny looking screw things in. 

Then I fitted everything together, put the shelves in and the back on and voila--Billy the Bookshelf.

There was one little piece left over.  Not quite sure what it's for but I guess I'll hang on to it for awhile.

There now, isn't Billy the Bookcase pretty.  I have my Sanibuddy box and my orchid on top and all my favorite books tucked away on their shelves.  
Will I go back to IKEA and get more furniture??  Probably.  I'm now looking for bedside tables and a desk. Oh and the Swedish meatballs!


Tootie said...

Good job! :) Looks really nice. Thanks for putting all of your old friends on top. LOL

Gayle said...

Nice looking bookshelf. I could use about 10!! I've never been to an IKEA. I wonder if they have one in Anchorage?

gpc said...

I love, love, love IKEA. I rarely buy the big stuff because, as you say, it is sooooooo heavy. For small items like the little bookshelf that I can fit into my car, I open the box in the garage and take the pieces in one at a time. It's always worth it, I love their stuff (and their cheap breakfasts!)