Sunday, July 15, 2012


So, Karen and the kids and Chuck and I hopped on the Trolley this morning and headed downtown to Comic-Con.  If you are unfamiliar with what this is visit or . It is THE largest convention that San Diego hosts and apparently has gotten so big, it may have outgrown SD's convention center.  It pretty much takes up the whole downtown area now.  It is next to impossible to get tickets to get inside the convention center but you can enjoy yourself by just walking around outside and seeing everything there is that is going on there.  What is really enjoyable is seeing all of the inventive costumes that people come up with.  Everything from cartoons to anime to TV to movies to comic books to computer games. I really wasn't familiar with a lot of the characters but did appreciate the costumes anyway. I took lots of pictures so enjoy!

Heading downtown

Even the trolley cars get painted for the convention.  We rode in the My Little Pony Car

 Which was followed by the Simpsons car.
The Seal Ride
 Rows and rows of billboard trucks
 Even city buses

Did I mention the crowds!!
 These people have tickets and are standing in line just to get inside.  The line closest has to go all the way down and then come back on the other side.  What you don't see is the rest of the line. From here I would say they still probably have a 2 or 3 hour wait to get inside. Not something I would want to do!!

Extra had a stage behind the convention center where casts of shows would come out to be interviewed.  We were a little too early for this but saw Renee Bargh of Extra interviewing someone who must be a Johnny Depp wannabe.

And yes, there were costumes.
 This guy lent Noah--yes, that's my grandson in the Spiderman costume--hold his staff for the picture.  I didn't realize that the staff was in front of the guy's face though.
 Noah and Luka with whoever this is.  They knew but I sure didn't.
Batman and Robin in front of the Batmobile.
 Batman meets Spiderman.  One note here.  Some little kid about 4 or 5 with a Spiderman T shirt on saw Noah and just went nuts.  He had to have his picture taken with Noah and was absolutely thrilled.  I think he thought he had seen the real Spidey.
 Bigger Batman.
 The kids were absolutely THRILLED when they saw this little girl.  Apparently a character in one of their computer games.  I have no idea who she was supposed to be but they did.  Noah declared it was the best costume he had seen all day.  Her mother is holding her train.
 Another thrilling moment for the kids.
 Ethan was thrilled to pose with Kirby--his favorite character. 
All of the Batman cars from Adam West's to the present were there.

The kids favorite part of the day was the Freeplay Arcade, the Nintendo Room, and the Sega Lounge
 Danika Patrick's car--autographed no less.
Poor Ethan missed out on seeing his favorite character, Kirby. this was Kirby from the back barely getting through a double wide door.  Poor thing actually wobbled back and forth like a Weeble!

Ok, so there were a few skimpy costumes.  One I didn't get a picture of but oh my, if she had taken a big breath, there would have been a serious wardrobe malfunction!!!
 A Lolita Meetup!!

Karen's favorite handout.  Gals in Bates Motel Bathrobes handing out bars of guest soap

And of course they are advertising all kinds of movies and TV shows.

And there was entertainment!
A Band of Pirates
Chewbacca jamming

My favorite were these two guys who seemed to be everywhere.  They even carried their own portapotty with them!

So, that is about it.  I hope I haven't bored you with all these pictures but it was hard to pick and choose.  There is a possibility that Karen and I may go back tomorrow without kids.  There were a few things we would like to have seen that the kids would have been bored with--like the celebrities at the Extra Stage.  So we'll see.  Anyway, in closing, here is a little something for Tink, Mare, and Miss Renee. Even Comic-Con has not so hidden Mickeys.


Mare said...

Oh my! Renee is in heaven! She actually squealed when she saw the My Little Pony trolley; her favorite, Derpy Hooves, was hanging upside down in your photo!

The strange dudes with the box heads are from a game called Minecraft. Renee can explain it better, but to me, it's almost like a virtual Lego type of thing. You use blocks to build structures, towns, worlds. A lot of our homeschool friends play it, and I think many parents love that their kids are learning math without them even realizing!

The little girl with the rainbow cape was dressed as Nyan Cat. It is huge deal on YouTube, and once you hear the tune, it will never get out of your!

I am sitting here giggling because I can't believe that I know all of these things. I guess that's what happens when you become a parent!