Tuesday, July 03, 2012

San Diego County Fair

 Yesterday, Karen and the kids, and Chuck and I headed for the San Diego County Fair.  I haven't been to a county fair is years!  The last one I went to was the Hancock County Fair in Findlay, Ohio.  Just your usual county fair.  I wasn't expecting anything like what I experienced yesterday.  The fair was HUGE!  Traffic was terrible. And mobs and mobs of people. And I don't really like crowds-- but, it was still a lot of fun.
 The Arena Gate.  Since we already had tickets we didn't have to stand in a long line to buy them.

Karen getting their tickets scanned.  And yes, we had to remove all metal from our bodies and walk through a scanner.

And away we go.

Nope, not gonna try this ride. 

So when fairs first started it was all about animals, produce, homemade goods etc. 

Practically every pig we saw was sound asleep and if they weren't they were making a horrible racket!

Not the best picture but this guy should have been called Valentine.

Luka lOVES his lambies. 

Grand Champion Turkey.  What determines a Grand Champion anyway??

As I said, Luka loves his lambies.

And Ethan loved the bunnies.

Sure wouldn't want this job!

They even had a section for adult rides and for kid's ride.  This was the kids area.  HUGE.

Don't think I've ever seen a county fair with elephant rides before!

Or ziplines

Or Giant Millipedes

 There were rows and rows of kid's artwork.  This was the Grand Champion.

Ethan and Noah relaxed with some Legos while Luka played in the kid's play area. 

They thought of everything!

OK, so what ever happened to plain old Fair Food?  I have never seen so many food vendors gathered in one area in my entire life.  Rows and rows of nothing but food and most of it was about this crazy!

The did have an area where there was a Garden Show.  I loved the flowers. 

Dinner.  A Taco Salad is not something you would normally see at the Hancock County Fair.

Ethan and Luka decided they wanted to ride the Caterpillar.  They were all smiles.

It went a bit faster than they thought it would. 

 Luka loved it.  Ethan not so much!

A quote from Luka. "I totally thought I was going to barf!"

A little more Ethan's speed.   By the way, Noah did the trampoline bungie jump and rock climbing wall but I wasn't around to get pictures.  

Michael joined us after work so we took a rest while he had his dinner.

Sharing a lemondade. 

No comment

A group shot in front of the Big Wheel

The Big Wheel.   I really wanted to go on this but Chuck isn't too keen on heights so I opted to stay on the ground with him.  I gave my camera to Karen to record their trip.

Luka wasn't too sure about this and didn't really want to go.

Views from the top

Back on the ground. 

 Luka rocking out to the band.

And what better way to end the day than with Funnel Cake.  Now that is REAL fair food.
My feet are really sore today and my old knees don't feel a whole lot better but we had a great day.  Thanks for inviting us Karen. 


sue in mexico mo said...

This reminds me of our Missouri State Fair. I grew up nearby and most teenagers worked at the fair, including me. School never started in the fall until the fair was over due to so many kids working there. (My job was one of the best - taking money on the tractor pulled shuttle wagons that went all over the fair grounds.)
Thanks for the report and photos. I enjoyed it. My feet hurt just reading about it!

PosmDoc said...

Great pics! The kids are so cute and looks like they had a lot of fun. This fair looks a little more like the Ohio state fair than any county fair I've ever been too though!

Snowbird said...

Sue and Jess, I was thinking also that this looked more like a State Fair.

Gayle said...

That looks like so much fun... a bit like our fair, but ten times bigger!! I wonder if it was as expensive as ours'? So nice to see you out having fun. (know what would be fun... a good rodeo!).