Monday, July 23, 2012

Trip to Temecula

On Mother's Day, Karen and I took the whole day and drove up toward Temecula.  We discovered a wonderful nursery and a winery before heading to Old Town Temecula for dinner. When we were at the nursery, I found a little statue I really loved but didn't get it.  So today, after all the work I've done in my little garden,  I decided it was time to go get that statue. I really love this nursery and I have a feeling that I will be going back several times even though it is an hour away outside of Fallbrook.  It is loaded with lots of neat things as well as some really great plants and flowers.  Of course, I had to buy some plants and I also bought my little statue.


From there we drove to outside of Temecula to Wine Country and went to the Keyways Winery.  When we were there in May, they had musical entertainment on Sunday afternoon.  They still do but unfortunately, we were too early.  So, we each bought a glass of wine and some cheese to go with the crackers I had brought with me.  Lots of people just bring their own lunch and buy the wine there.

Then it was on to Temecula. We parked at one end of Old Town and walked to the other end and back again.  Of course we stopped in some shops but the only place I bought anything, believe it or not, was at a fresh produce place. 


These had to be the ugliest things I've ever seen but oh my goodness are they good.  They are called Ugly (Ugli) Tangerines and are locally grown.  The lady at the store gave us a sample and I just had to buy some as well as a mango. Then I bought the biggest head of lettuce I've ever seen for just a dollar. 

After our trek around town, it was too early for dinner so we decided to head home.  Oh and I suppose you wonder what statue I got.  Well, what else would Mama Squirrel get???


Tootie said...

That was a great day, for sure. The scenery is just awesome! I'm so glad you are enjoying your little day trips. And....a mamma squirrel to boot! :)

Gayle said...

Perfect statue for you!! Good for you...getting out and livin' life. Keep it up. I'm sure there is lots to see within an hour or two of home. Thanks for taking us along.

Mare said...

What a beautiful day! Your posts make me want to save my pennies so that we can travel to California. the statue! =)