Sunday, July 01, 2012

Chollas Lake

When we were on our tour the other day, I bought a book called Walking San Diego; Where to Go to Get Away From It All.  I was looking through it today and came across a walk we had already done with Karen and the kids when we first got here.  Chollas Lake is a small lake in San Diego and it has been made into a pretty little park where squirrels, pigeons, geese and ducks abound!!  I loved this place when we were here before and decided to make a return trip. And of course, the camera went with me.

 Of course having been dubbed Mama Squ at CROW, I love, love, love the squirrels. The California Ground Squirrels look a bit different from the Eastern Ground Squirrels.

There were Pigeons everywhere.  And of course people were feeding them--mostly bread! Ugh.

This part of the lake attracted most of the birds--ducks, geese and pigeons--because this is where everyone was feeding them.

  Lots of Swan Geese

This guy definitely had a wing problem--which led me to believe that maybe they clipped their wings.

 Lots of joggers and walkers. It is 3/4 mile around so the more serious exercisers go around more than once.  Us---we went around once!

 They had a couple of fishing docks like this.

Beautiful views everywhere you look.

 They just seem to know I'm around!

There were a couple of areas like this for the nesting birds.

So sad that these signs actually have to be put up in an attempt to keep people from harming wildlife.  I'm not sure that these signs really stop those that are determined to get their kicks from harming animals though. 

So there were several of these signs around.  And I did see some kids fishing.  There was a place where you could rent poles. 

Does this guy look under 15 to you???

Yup, that would be a Great Blue Heron

This picnic shelter is in dire need of help.

The Donnie and Marie Ducks of Chollas Lake.

So these older guys were helping the under 15's to fish and one of the kids had just pulled in a fairly good sized fish.  

Maybe they should teach the squirrels to read this. 

I will close with this picture which I took on the first trip we made to Chollas Lake.  I took this picture of Karen taking a picture of these two little guys.  I'm sure they thought she was going to feed them but 
they so reminded me of Gloria Swanson's line in Sunset Boulevard-- "Alright, I'm ready for my closeup Mr. DeMille." 


ChrisC said...

I love the geese!

Tootie said...

Nice post. :) Looks like a relaxing place to go watch the critters when you are missing your squas.