Friday, January 25, 2008

Continuing to Keep Busy

I left off the last post with us planning to stay with the twins while Karen and Michael had a day (well at least 3 or 4 hours) off on their own. They enjoyed a walk on the beach and lunch out while we enjoyed the two little ones. After they returned, Karen and I went to the Bead Shop. She had taken a class in beading and wondered if I was interested. Wanting some quality mother/daughter time, I said sure. So we went to sign up for a class and to just look around. OMG--beads, beads, beads--a warehouse FULL of nothing but beads. I immediately started picking out beads that I wanted to use.

Yesterday, we headed to our class where we each made a necklace. OK, I think I'm hooked!! I looked on the internet and found that there is a bead shop--with classes--a block from my house on Sanibel. Guess I'll be visiting that when I get home. After Noah got home from school we packed up the car and headed to the San Diego Zoo. Gotta get use out of our memberships! It closed at 5:00 so we saw quite a lot in the 3 hours we had. We did have to head for cover a couple of times since the heavens opened up and dropped some rain on us. We got to see a couple of baby chimps in the nursery who were just adorable. Since it was a bit cold, many of the animals were inside but we did see the gorillas, elephants, some birds and of course, Noah's favorites, the Poison Dart Frogs.

Today, I got part of my birthday present. When asked what I wanted I said I wanted a day with my daughter. Since we spent a couple of hours in beading class yesterday, Michael and Mr. Snowbird gave us a half day today. So we headed to an interesting shopping area on Cedros St. in Solana Beach-called a Design Center. Breakfast in a cute little outdoor cafe, then roaming through shops and stores, then coffee and cookies back at the same cafe. Karen has a new camera so she took lots and lots of neat pictures of flowers in one of the garden shops and some of the little sparrows who were trying to share our cookies with us.

Tomorrow, we have to start packing and I have to figure out how I am going to get all of my purchases in my luggage!! It has been a very full, busy, fun, exhausting week. I've loved spending time with Karen, Michael and the grandkids and I promise I will post some pictures next week.

I will miss the kids but I have to admit I will be glad to get back to warm weather, shorts, the beach etc. I love San Diego but I think I like it a wee bit better in the summer. Too cold for my thin Florida blood!!


Neptunesmuse said...

Send your stuff home via the post office or one of those box and ship places. This way there is less of a chance of the baggage handlers at the airport getting anything good from you as they rifle through your luggage.

Snowbird said...

All the goodies I bought are going in my carry on bag. What clothes won't fit in my check in bag will go in hubby's bag!! He always has lots of extra room. Don't mind losing a few old clothes. :-)

gpc said...

Even on vacation you a a better, more disciplined blogger than I am!

I've always wanted to take a bead class to see whether I would enjoy it, maybe you will be my inspiration (there, too)! I've been to the sanibel bead shop, but it sure wasn't easy. They seem to keep loosey-goosey and VERY technical hours. Twice I visited at what my car clock and cellphone said was opening time, only to see them standing inside staring me down (nary a smile) and refusing to open the door. I hope you have better luck, because it looks like they have some pretty stuff! Be sure to post photos of your creations when you have time!

Mama Zen said...

I can make it rain just by taking my daughter to the zoo!