Sunday, January 13, 2008

Home From the Games

As usual, another great weekend at a Highland Games

The games are about:
Alex Beaton



Men in Kilts

More Men in Kilts

Wild Men in Kilts



Drum Majors


Happy Children

Manning booths

Adult Beverages

Lots of Adult Beverages

And Location, Location, Location!!!

Alex's booth was right next to the Beer Truck and our all time favorite beer. Remember the picture of the green box above? Did I mention that Alex and his workers got free beer?? A good time was had by all!

Oh right, they are called Highland GAMES. Things like caber tossing, tossing a bale of hay, etc etc etc. Didn't see any. They also have Highland Dancing. Didn't see any. Pipe Band Competition. Didn't see any. What can I say? We were working Alex's booth when we weren't visiting the adult beverage truck next door. LOL


Neptunesmuse said...

Sometimes the moon and stars align and your booth is near the adult beveage truck.
Sounds like a great time was had by all.
What type of music were the "wild men"in kilts playing?

Shama-Lama Mama said...

Ha ha ha ha!! I like this post. You have a little bit of "pioneer woman" rubbing off on you! Why didn't you show me all the adult beverages when I went to the games with you??

Although, I did enjoy all those knobby knees.

When is Dad gonna get one of them sexy kilts?

Snowbird said...

Linda--The wild men in kilts were a group called Hunting McLeod (and they wore the hunting McLeod tartan). They were a celtic rock group. Loud but fun and good. Very entertaining. The guys in More Men in Kilts were two of the members from a group called the Brigadoons. Lots of good celtic music.

Karen--thanks for comparing me to Pioneer Woman even in the slightest. I adore her!
As for getting your dad in a kilt. Don't hold your breath!! Talk about knobby knees!! :-)
And by the way, Alex did ask about your kids.

gpc said...

What fun!

Neptunesmuse said...

I will Google Hunting McLeod and see what I can find.
Glad you had such a good time.
I asked my friend David(the bagpiper) if he went to the games and he said he wanted to , but he would be piping in Orlando this weekend at more highland games.

Neptunesmuse said...

Here is Hunting McLeod's MySpace page. It has samples of the music.
Never quite heard bagpipes in this context.
Very interesting.

Snowbird said...

Linda, quite a few celtic rock bands use bagpipes. One of my favorites in Glengarry Bhoys

Seven Nations is another one

A couple of my favorite bands use just drums and a bagpipe

All of the band members from Albannach used to be in a band called Clann an Drumma

Check them out.

Neptunesmuse said...

Thanks for the information Nancy. Even though Celtic music is not mainstream our local PBS radio station plays it sometimes Friday and Saturday night.