Monday, January 28, 2008

While We Were Gone

Our friends, Steve and Diana, took us to the airport last week so we left our car at their house. Diana called early Tuesday morning to tell us that someone had gone on a rampage in their neighborhood and had broken into several cars--including theirs and ours. Mr. Snowbird talked to the police on the phone but it appeared that nothing was taken from our car. We had put the GPS under the seat and they didn't find it. And apparently they didn't want my Scottish/Celtic CD's--which apparently the police thought pretty funny. When we got back yesterday, Diana told us that she had washed the car because of all of the fingerprint dust all over the car. She hadn't done the inside of the door frames so I did that today. What a mess! I felt like I had been fingerprinted when I was done because of all the black on my fingers. Anyway, after looking through our stuff, I realized that they had taken one folder of CD's. No, they didn't take the Scottish/Celtic ones (thank goodness!!) but they did take one that had some non celtic favorites. Many were those that I can't replace and I'm not even sure of what all was in there. I sure hope that whoever took them is enjoying them!! Although, I doubt that anyone who needs to break into cars would enjoy the likes of Neil Diamond, Dulcimer music, Wine Country Favorites, Somewhere in Time, Josh Grobin, etc. Apparently whoever broke into our cars, broke into some more cars in the neighborhood the next night. Brazen, huh? Or maybe he just likes CD's!!


Neptunesmuse said...

Unfortunately there are some people in our society who don't care what is not theirs. Pawn shops and Flea Market vendors will pay a couple a bucks a peice for CDs if they are semi-popular. When my car was broken into a Target (gasp) last fall, they didn't get anything. I did have to replace the entire top (it's a convertible) for the hefty sum of $995.00 (not including rental car) just becuase somebody thought there would be something good inside to steal. My car still has a cassette deck and nobody wanted my home recorded version of Saturday Night Fever recorded from the album. (he,he,he).
Some folks just have no repsect!!!!
Glad you are home safe and sound.

Monkey Giggles said...

Thank you for entering my giveaway. I hope to throw a stone at ya--wink*.

Come back and visit me again


gpc said...

Aaaargh, I am so sorry. What a homecoming!