Monday, January 07, 2008

A Lot of Nothing or A Little Bit of Everything

What do you write about when there isn't a whole lot to write about but you think you should write about something because those who read your blog expect you to write about something???

Yesterday, my friend Diana and I went shelling. Sanibel had a cold front come through last week which often means high waves and lots of fresh shells piling up on the beach. I had been out a couple of times already but Diana who lives off island wanted to go. There weren't as many shells as before (the waves giveth and the waves taketh away) but to her there were lots! We both left the beach with our bags pretty full.

We were going to go again today but she had to cancel. So, instead, I went down to the CROW Gift Shop to help move it to a new location. We have moved from the Tahitian Gardens Shopping Area to the Olde Sanibel Shoppes at the end of Periwinkle. (I know this makes no sense to those of you who know nothing about Sanibel. Sorry.) Then another friend and I "did lunch". It was nice because she and I hadn't really gotten to sit down and just chat since we got back down here last October.

Then it was laundry time. Ugh! I love my trailer and I love the location but I don't love the fact that I don't have a washer and dryer and have to go down the street to the laundry room whenever I have to do laundry. Since I hate doing it, I unfortunately let the laundry build up which means I usually have 3 or 4 loads to do. So that usually shoots about 2 hours of my day. I do manage to get caught up on my reading though.

Tonight I am watching the Ohio State University/LSU National Championship game. I have been a very long time University of Michigan fan and have always rooted for them in the big rivalry OSU/U of M game. My son and grandkids are avid OSU fans. But, I must admit--tonight I'm rooting big time for OSU. I was cheering on my beloved Bowling Green State University (we're the ones from Ohio) Falcons last night in the GMAC Bowl--- for about 5 minutes. It only took about that long for the score to be 21-0 in favor of Tulsa. I totally gave up at 35-0. I found out this AM that the final score was 63-7 and the biggest loss any team has ever taken in a bowl game. UGH!!! I sure hope the Buckeyes can make up for the pain of last night!

Tomorrow I may do some shelling in the morning then we have to drive for CROW in the afternoon. We are what is termed VERT's. This stands for Volunteer Emergency Rescue and Transport. There are 8 vet clinics in Lee County where people can take injured or orphaned wildlife. Then the VERTs are sent out to pick them up and transport them back to CROW. CROW has morning and afternoon drivers 7 days a week. Tuesday afternoon is when we drive.

We are looking forward to the weekend because we are heading over to Fort Lauderdale to the SE Florida Scottish Highland Games. We will get to see our friend, Alex Beaton, who will be entertaining there. We will be working in his booth selling his CD's. I'll tell you all about it next week.

Anyway, there you have it. A lot of nothing and a little bit of everything.


Shama-Lama Mama said...

I am just the opposite. I find all these things I want to blog about and never really get the time to do it. I love hearing about your day, though!

Neptunesmuse said...

Now you have clean laundry to take to Ft. Lauderdale. One less thing to do before you go!!!