Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Still Keeping Busy

Still no pictures for my blog but we are taking LOTS. (I'll post pictures when I get home.)

Yesterday, Karen, Mr. Snowbird, Noah and I went to Ensenada, Mexico. Ensenada is a lot nicer that Tijuana, not as much border craziness. The first thing we did was hit McDonalds. When in Mexico, do as the natives do!! Well, Noah was hungry and it seemed the best place to go. After that, we hit the shops. Lots of neat things to look at and buy. I didn't go super crazy shopping but got a few neat things. We had dinner in a very nice Mexican restaurant. Afterall, we were in Mexico. But, we had seafood not tacos or tortillas or tamales etc. And--no margaritas. When in Mexico, don't drink the water--or eat the ice cubes!! So it was wine and bottled water for me and beer for Mr. Snowbird and Pepsi for Karen as she was driving. The drive home was uneventful until we hit Tijuana and had to sit in line for 1 1/4 hours at the border waiting to get up to customs. When we got there, we handed him our 4 passports which he looked at briefly, gave them back and sent us on our way. We got home about 10:00, then sat and decided what to do today.

Noah returned to school today after a month's vacation. San Diego is on year round school with a month in the winter, a month in the spring, and a month in the summer off from school. So, Michael (best son in law in the world!!!!) stayed home with the twins while Karen, Mr. Snowbird and I went to Old Town San Diego, the Presidio (site of the very beginnings of San Diego) and an area that has a lot of old homes that have been saved, moved to this site, and restored. Mostly beautiful old Victorian homes. Again, we wandered through lots of shops and finally had a real margarita and nachos in a very nice Mexican restaurant. All the while, poor Michael was at home with two cranky toddlers and Noah who got home from school at 2:00. Did I mention I have the best son in law in the world??? Anyway, we got home about 5:30 in time to feed kids and send them off to never never land.

Tomorrow, we are being the kind parents and are taking care of the twins while Karen and Michael have some time to themselves and have a lunch date. I haven't got the stamina or the nerve to let them have an evening date where I would have to give all three kids their meals and get them to bed.

Anyway, we are having a great time with the grandkids, our daughter and her super hubby, seeing the sights in San Diego, and adjusting to west coast time. Keep checking back as I'll post more soon.


Neptunesmuse said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all.