Sunday, January 20, 2008

Keeping Busy

We have been very busy since we landed in San Diego. Yesterday we toured the Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum. Very interesting and very large. Karen and Michael carried the twins in packs on their backs so we had to keep warning them of low headroom. Today we went to the San Diego Wildlife Park. We joined the SD Zoo as members last summer so got in free today at the Wildlife Park. It is a great area and we got to see where the fires in October came right up to the wall around the park. We saw lots of burn areas. The firemen did an amazing job of saving many, many homes around here. Tomorrow, Karen, Noah, Mr. Snowbird and I are headed for Ensenada, Mexico for the day while Michael (God bless him!!) stays with the twins. I would post pictures but haven't downloaded any of the thousands I have taken since I've been here. Maybe when I get home. Anyway, just wanted everyone to know what I've been up to. More later.