Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bob the Builder is Still at It!

When last we left Bob the Builder, he had called in Susan the Savior to finish his work--or the work he didn't do. Of course, we left Findlay before the work was all done. Bill, who lives with us, told us that she had painted the hall woodwork and was coming back to do the computer room ceiling. Bob the Builder hadn't told her about painting the trim in my bedroom. So, she emailed us today. He had told her only to paint the windows, not the 3 doors. Now why, I ask you, would I want just the windows and not the doors??? So, she said she would give us a quote, would go out and buy more paint since Bob the Builder's son didn't buy enough and then she would do the work. I wish to heck that we had found her originally! We have lots more work to do next summer but unfortunately she is being transferred by Marathon Oil to Houston. Drat.
This is the first time that we have come south this early. Usually we don't come until mid October but due to us being Florida residents now and Ohio law says that they can charge us full state tax if we are there over 3 months, we came down earlier this year. And believe me, it is HOT--and MUGGY! As I revealed on this blog a while back, due to my restless leg syndrome and sometime insomnia and Mr. Snowbird's snoring, we sleep in separate rooms. When we are down here, that means that I sleep in the Florida room. Usually it isn't too bad and sometimes during the winter it gets downright cold. Unfortunately, the Florida room is not heated or air conditioned. So, since we got back down here, I have been sleeping in a sauna! And the overhead fan hasn't worked since we had the Florida room remodeled. (I think Bob the Builder's cousin did the work here!) So, I have a tower fan which is aimed right at my futon. It helps a little but I tend to wake up dripping from perspiration from time to time. I can't wait until it starts to cool off a bit. Three or four weeks I am told.
BTW, I did pick up a little something, put it in a cage and transport it today. :-)


MariBy said...

I understand that it's not usually this humid in September, so maybe it's a bit of an aberration. Hope it starts being more temperate soon so that you can get your beauty sleep.

And female painters rule! :D

Gayle said...

Can we take Bob the Builder out back for an old-fashioned ass-whoopin'? Jerk.

Hot and humid. I would love that right now. I have cold and in way damp and miserable. Pre-snow. I'm so lucky.

Wish my husband understood the need for sleep. I would do seperate bedrooms in a heartbeat. Damn snorers! And I like my space. And well..I don't know, but I'd sleep better!

Glad you got to pick up a friend and didn't break any rules doing it! :)

gail said...

Thank goodness that women are willing to ask for directions! (BTW, on the BB cartoon, I believe that Wendy - also a builder - is often able to take up the slack. This could be an example of life imitating 'art,' except that in the cartoon version, Bob isn't a dolt.)

Thank you for not making me wish this week (so much) that I was on Sanibel . . . I've been there several times in August and your comment is a good reminder of why I didn't do that this year.

I'm glad for you that the secret missions have begun again . . . shhhh.

ChrisC and JonJ said...

Yep,it's always like this,this time of year.We're s'posed to get a slight cool front today.Down to the 80's! By the end of october it should be beautiful again.
Now that you're told us about the certain something,you're not gonna have to kill us are you?

Snowbird said...

Hey Chris, I just might have to kill you if you share the news with anyone. LOL.

And yes, female painters do rule. I've learned my lesson.

And would you believe our AC gave up the ghost today. Ugh!!!