Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm Here--Just Not Much Going On

I haven't posted for a couple of days. I was going to do a meme yesterday but didn't get to it. I was called in to work in the clinic Wednesday afternoon and also this morning. I did lots but can't tell you what :-(

My laptop went belly up with all of my blog pictures on it. So, now I'm using a fairly new Dell which has Vista on it. So, I'm trying to get used to it, get over the fact that I can't play my favorite game on it because it is incompatable with Vista, learning a new mail system because Vista doesn't work with our Eudora mail system, and getting over the fact that most of the pictures I had cataloged for my blog are gone. Luckily Mr. Snowbird had backed up all of my genealogy before my computer died. He was going to do pictures the next day but unfortunately there was never a next day for my little laptop.

We went out to eat with our friends last night. We both bought the Sanibel Kiwanis coupon books last spring and they are good until December 20th. There are coupons worth up to $25 to many of the Sanibel and Captiva restaurants in there. The booklet, itself, only cost $30 so two meals out and you get back the cost of the booklet. For those of you who know Sanibel, we went to the Jacaranda. Diana and I had the Crab Stuffed Grouper (yum), Mr. Snowbird had the Crab Stuffed Lobster Tail (another yum) and Steve had the 16 oz Prime Rib. It also looked yummy. We came back to our place to enjoy desert and the evening on our deck.

So that's about it. I worked 5 1/2 hours--you know where--this AM taking care of little ones. Now, I'm just chillin' in my new AC and watching Florida and Ole Miss on TV. I'm not a big Gator fan but Coach Urban Meyer got his start as a head coach at Bowling Green so I do kind of root for him.

So, now I have to go try to recover some pictures from other files for my blog. See ya later.


MariBy said...

Sorry about your computer troubles Snowbird. It's always a pain in the posterior and so frustrating.

Earlier this week, I was guilty of computer abuse when an update started loading automatically when I was in a hurry! I ended up smacking the side of the monitor...(I'm waiting for Bill Gates to come along and handcuff me :p )

Hope you get your computer woes fixed soon and glad to hear that you er...are still hanging out, doing good, for that place you can't tell us about. :)

Tootie said...

Oh man! Sorry about your loss. I know what that's like; trying to find everything back again. It's so darned time consuming!

I came over to check on you because you were missing the memes. :-(

Tink *~*~* said...

Bummer about the laptop! Are you sure you can't get your photos back? Maybe if you take it to the Geek Squad or Fire Dog or something?

Oh and Jacaranda - awesome food! They make this seafood appetizer with creamy citrusy sauce on it. It's devine!

Tink *~*~*

Rambling Woods said...

You are the third person I know who has had a computer crash in the last couple of weeks. I had one a year ago and I know how challenging it is...

Gayle said...

Laptops overheat and crash. I've had it happen twice. They actually froze my computer (as in really cold temperatures) to get at 20 minute window to get my photos off it before trashing the hard drive. I had a lot of photos on it so it was worth it. It would be nice for you to recover your things. I'm still wondering the big WHY you can't talk about where you work. I know lawyers can't talk about clients and neither can doctors, but they can at least talk about the situations without naming names. You are rescuing animals and can't talk....makes me wonder what they are hiding. I hope it is still bringing you enjoyment.

Mare said...

I am so sorry about your computer. :(

But maybe it's a warning for me to get my stuff all backed up. I am *so* guilty of getting too busy to take care of things like that, and I fear a crash like the one you had.