Monday, September 22, 2008

Did I Mention, Part 2

Did I mention that it's Hot?

Did I mention that it's HUMID?

Did I mention that our air conditioner is STILL on the FRITZ!!!

The AC guy came out Thursday and told us that the coils were frozen so he turned the AC off then came back Friday and added some Freeon, charged us $150 and left. Well, it did put out some cold air--very little cold air. It was a lot cooler with the fans going and the windows open.

So, here it is Monday and he is back again as we speak. He said, "Well, there is cold air coming out." Well duh, we knew that. So how come it isn't getting any higher in the room than floor level? He said maybe a connection came loose. So, I'll keep you apprised of how the AC Guy--who must be a brother to Bob the Builder--says and does.

Oh by the way, Hurricane Ike didn't touch us here but did some damage to our Findlay house taking off a couple of pieces of siding. So Mr. Snowbird is having Bill, who lives with us and takes care of the house while we laze around in Florida, call------you guessed it----Bob the Builder. I wonder if that job will get done before we get back next summer?
OK, so Greg the AC Guy looked it over and looked under the house. Ugh! We have critters that tend to like living under our house--like Armadillos, Raccoons, etc. Apparently with all of their rutting around in there, they have played havoc with the duct work and it is all coming apart. Also, it would appear that we need a new AC unit. The other one was put in in 2001 and was a used one then. So, we are going to bite the bullet (a big one might I add!!) and go for it. We were going to get a second opinion but decided we would just go with this company. The new unit also has a heat coil in it so we will have heat when we need it in the winter. Greg the AC Guy can actually come out and do the work TOMORROW!!! Wow, getting someone to do it this quick is worth it--I guess. It just means we won't be eating quite so many meals out at Sanibel's finest restaurants this winter!


gail said...

I wonder if all those palm rats and such could be your AC problem, too. Your wildlife rehab friends are preserving some pretty ornery neighbors (of course, they WERE there first!) I am sorry you had such an unwelcoming homecoming. And trouble on both fronts? It doesn't seem fair!! Good luck, I've heard that Bob the Builder has a very big family. :-/

MariBy said...

Ack! It's alway something with a house, isn't it?

Right now I'm trying to ignore the back porch stairs. They need replacing and I could expend lots of energy and get one of my brothers to do it.

Or, I could just go out the front door and around to the back for the rest of my life.

Yeah. That sounds easier...I think I'll do that. LOL! :D

ChrisC and JonJ said...

I sooo feel your pain.We went thru that a few years back.

The Farmer Files said...

Eek I hope you get a good deal since you already shelled out the money for the freeon.

Tootie said...

If ya need a place to cool off, send me an email! It is cool over here. Sorry I didn't think of that before. :-(

Those darned ungrateful critters anyway!