Thursday, September 18, 2008

Halfway to St. Patricks Day

Last night, we met our friends Steve and Diana at Jimmy's Pink Cadillac for a "Halfway to St. Patricks Day" party. I must admit, I had never heard of Halfway to St. Patrick's Day but I guess the Irish can think up just about any excuse for a party! LOL.

Steve and Diana had made reservations for us several weeks ago. In fact she called us while they were having dinner there and asked if we would be down here yet and would we like to go. I never miss a chance to party with the Irish! We arrived at 6:00 and could hardly find a place to park. In fact we had to park way down a residential street. (Later we and a lot others had to move our cars thanks to the Lee County Sheriff). When we walked in, there were several long tables set up as well as their booths. Our friends waved to us and we went over at sat down at a very crowded table. Apparently people who had made reservations also brought extra people with them. Amazingly, Jimmy and his staff got everyone settled in.

Of course they had Corned Beef and Cabbage--not my favorite meal--so I had their usual Thursday night fare, Broasted Chicken, as did Diana. Mr. Snowbird had the Seafood pasta and Steve had a huge 16 oz sirloin. The food was excellent and despite being run ragged, the service was also great.

Since it was an Irish party, there was lots of green. One guy had a big leprecaun hat and a red beard. Pretty funny. The group down the table from us were members of the Notre Dame Club. I guess they were alumni--or wanabe alumni--who knows.

A guy by the name of Harry Boyle entertains every Thursday night and of course was there last night. He was born in Brooklyn but definitely uses an Irish accent when entertaining. He began entertaining at about 6:10 and performed for well over an hour singing Irish and DoWop songs. It was great fun. Lots of sing alongs. He would also have people he knew from the audience come up to join him or to sing a song. He definitely has a following as there were lots of people there who seemed to know him. He took about a 20 minute break and was back at it again until 9:00. We left about 8:45 but had had a fun time. We definitely plan to go back again.

Of course, wouldn't you know, I forgot my camera. I took some pictures with my trusty cell phone but they came out so bad there is no way I could post them. Maybe I'll remember next time we go and I can post them then. But you can go to Harry's websites here and here and listen to some of his music--especially "Greetings from Ft. Myers Beach" which he wrote and won a contest with.

Anyway, we had a great evening--and it was air conditioned!!!


MariBy said...

"Greetings from Ft. Myers Beach?" :D

Anyway, glad you and Mr. Snowbird had a good time with your friends - it sounded like a very fun evening! :)

Tink *~*~* said...

sounds like you had a great time! Never heard of that place before, but I must have passed it last week while driving a friend to the fish market down by the FMB bridge. Hope your AC is on the mend, that's just horrible for it to go out when it has been so humid!

Tink *~*~*

The Farmer Files said...

wow...I thought it was something your friends were hosting...I had no idea that .5 way is an actual celebration!

Mahalo for the heartfelt sentiments for my sister. It was a totally gruesome divorce in every sense imaginable, and then some.

gail said...

I should take party lessons from you -- sounds like a fun night!