Friday, July 06, 2012

Fourth of July

Actually we had a pretty lazy day.  We went to Karen's late in the day where we all piled into their van and drove to Santee which is the next town over.  We paid $5 for parking and got the last paid spot.  The guy assured us that we would be able to get out really quick after the fireworks (and actually we really did). We had to walk a ways to get to the huge soccer fields but it was a great place for the fireworks.  Lots and lots of room to spread out.  Plenty of room to throw a ball around and playgrounds nearby for the kids to play on.  Also quite a few porta-potties although the line became rather long just before the fireworks started. And there was an 80's band which played music for about 3 hours before the fireworks.

Looking towards the stage.  The flag was hung from a boom.

Picnic in the Park

 Miss Santee and her maid in waiting or something.

It got a bit more crowded as it got closer to fireworks time but there was still room for lots more.

 Sunset over the mountains--not quite the same as a Sanibel Sunset

Breaking out the Glowsticks

 Not quite sure what was on Noah's mind.

Grandpa and Ethan.  As you can see, everyone was starting to put on jackets.  It got down in the 60's. 

All the tents and canopies came down as it got near time for the fireworks.

Getting ready. 

Full moon

At last!  I took lots of fireworks pictures but per usual almost none turned out.  I did get a few good ones of the finale. 

It was a really nice evening spent with family.  The first 4th of July we spent out here was about 5 years ago.  That year, we went down on the waterfront of San Diego with thousands of other people.  You had to stake out your spot early in the morning by laying out a blanket.  Then you came back later to claim your spot.  That year, Michael dropped us off and then went to park the car.  He ended up about a mile away--at least it seemed that way when we had to hike there after the fireworks.  There was some talk about going there again this year but we opted for Santee instead.  I am soooo glad we did because this is what happened to San Diego's fireworks.


Tootie said...

Looks like a fun time Nancy. Especially that picnic! :)

Gayle said... lucky that you chose to do something different. How disappointing it would have been to wait hours for 15-seconds. Looks like your grassy spot was much nicer.