Monday, December 10, 2007

And the saga continues.....

Well, we got two calls yesterday--one from the installer and one from the measurer. Both would be here sometime today between 8:00 and 11:00. We even got an email today from the installation company giving us the installer’s name and badge number and picture!! Wow, that’s service. Then we get another call this AM saying he will be here between 9 and 10. And sure enough Dennis the Installer showed up between 9 and 10. He walks in the house and says, “This is supposed to be an empty room. They only send me on calls that have empty rooms. They send a team of younger guys when furniture has to be moved. ” I about freaked for the umpteenth time. We had paid an extra $50 to have the furniture moved. So he calls the store and I’m not sure what was resolved. He said that we could delay installation until another day and I said, NOOOO!! We will help move the furniture.” Which we did. He made some noises about not knowing where he was going to lay the carpet out to cut it.

About that time, Gary the Measurer shows up. So we have Dennis the Installer in the bathroom changing clothes (not sure why) and Gary the Measurer measuring the living room and hallway and bathroom (after Dennis the Installer gets out of there) for new carpet. Then Dennis the Installer without saying a word jumps in his truck and takes off! Gary the Installer, Mr. Snowbird and I just stood there wondering what the heck was going on. Apparently Gary the Measurer used to be Gary the Installer and he said there was no reason he couldn’t cut the carpet in the room. Anyway, after Gary the Measurer left, Mr. Snowbird went in search of Dennis the Installer. He found him down near the office with our carpet spread out on the lawn cutting it. Now my pessimism goes into overdrive and my thought is, “What if he cuts it the wrong size and we have to re-order this whole thing again??” So back comes Dennis the Installer in his super loud truck which you can hear a block away.

Ok, so he brings it in and I LIKE it. Then Mr. Snowbird questions whether it is actually the pattern we picked out. I’m not sure but I’m NOT sending it back!!! You would have to drag it out with me attached to it kicking and screaming. So he lays half the room then we three senior citizens move the two futons to the other end of the room so he can do the other half. Hey, it’s beginning to look pretty cool out there. Of course my back is beginning to yell at me a bit! And he and Mr. Snowbird are very chatty so work is slow to get done. Come on already, I want to see what it looks like. After all, I’ve waited for this for exactly 1 month 2 weeks—or 46 days. I’m too lazy to figure it out in hours.

Well, Dennis the Installer finishes the job and takes his leave. And now I look at my new carpet, blinds, paint etc and then I look at the tacky entertainment center and bookshelves and futon covers and I think hmmmmm, I think we need some new furniture. Even Mr. Snowbird agrees. So, now I guess it’s off to Sauders or some other such place to look for new furniture. Don't think we will do Home Depot! Will it never end?

But at least everything is installed. Ooooh that’s right, we still have the front blinds to install yet. Of course they haven’t arrived yet. Hmmmm, wonder if they got ordered? I’ll keep you posted.


Shama-Lama Mama said...

Hey that looks great!! You know, for a cheaper re-do you can actually just go out and buy a futon cover, zip off the old one and stick a new one on there. Go to an actual futon store (with measurements all three ways) and you will find lots of options.

I can't zoom in enough to see if any of those presents have my name on them!!

Snowbird said...

Yeah, I have been looking at Futon covers. I think I may go with black to go with what has become a black and white theme.

As for the presents, sorry but none under this tree for you. Yours will be in the mail today as a matter of fact!!

Neptunesmuse said...

Hey Nancy,
I have a brand new (still in the package)black with little moon and stars fullsize futon cover stashed somewhere in the back room. I no longer have a futon so it is taking up valuable space.
If you are interested it can go out with the next weeks "space care package".
Let me know. I also have a heavy chambray denim blue one if you are interested.

Snowbird said...

Linda, send the black one with moon and stars. It just might fit in. Thanks!!

Neptunesmuse said...

Will do. The first two boxes will go out in the mail tomorrow and the smaller of the two boxes has wrapped gifts. The larger box is "space stuff".The other boxes will head your way early next week.

Snowbird said...

Wow, that is great. Thank you so much for the goodies. I think all three boxes will be like Christmas morning--especially to our two "space nuts".

BOSC said...

Woo-hoo! Carpet at last! It looks very nice - can't wait to see the snazzy new futon cover.

Neptunesmuse said...

The futon cover is in the mail along with the other Space Santa gifts.
They are all being shipped priority - so hopefully they will be at your abode by Friday at the latest.