Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Twins Turn Two Today

Where does time go for crying out loud? Wasn't it just yesterday that those tiny little guys were born 6 weeks early? Now they are all grown up--well, as grown up as 2 year olds can get. Ethan, my blondie and the first born, has always been the bigger of the two. He weighs several pounds more than Luka. Luka, our wild child, looks like his mommy did. He is the wirey one and afraid of nothing! He is into and up on everything. He walks off of couches, climbs on tables, swings from chandeliers (I'm not kidding). He is going to be our gymnast and yes he has the scars to prove it. Ethan, on the other hand, is more in to having Mommy write letters and numbers and he identifies them. He actually did this for me on the phone a couple of times. I loved it. His mommy and daddy joke that he says more numbers and letters than he does words. Luka isn't so into talking yet. He would rather use those very active hands and sign his words. Nope, he's not hearing impaired--he just prefers signing and is so pleased with himself when someone understands what he is signing. I miss seeing them grow up but we will be seeing them in a few weeks and I can hardly wait to hug them both, write letters and numbers for Ethan and use my rusty signing skills to talk with Luka.

Happy Birthday guys. Beyuh loves you and misses you.