Monday, December 17, 2007


Over the years we (mostly my daughter) have taken some really neat pictures of my ONLY granddaughter, Erin, and my ONLY dark haired, dark eyed grandson, Noah. I was going though all of my pictures the other day and was amazed at how they have grown over the years but yet have remained "best buds". I thought I would share them.

Erin and Noah in early 2003

Erin and Noah again in August 2003

Erin and Noah in 2004

Erin and Noah in 2005

Noah and Erin in 2006

Noah and Erin in 2007

And then there are times when faces change!!

And yes, Erin loves her other cousins Ethan and Luka too.


Neptunesmuse said...

Sure is a bunch of cute grandkids.