Friday, December 07, 2007

Grandma’s Brag Book-part 4B

My daughter and son in law have 3 sons. When you look at their pictures side by side, it is hard to realize that they are indeed biological brothers and are from the same parents. Noah has the same dark hair and eyes that his daddy has. Luka has brown hair and dark eyes and looks like his mommy did when she was little. And Luka’s twin brother Ethan Caleb—he’s mine. Blonde like his Beyuh. And he has his grandma’s curls too. I have always described his smile as a “Joker smile”. Remember the Joker on Batman?

And Ethan does know, even at the age of not quite 2, how to tug at his Beyuh’s heartstrings. I got a phone call today from my daughter. She said that Ethan had brought her the phone and said, “Beyuh”. When she showed him my picture, he agreed that was who he wanted to call. So I got to hear him say, “Hi Beyuh” “Uh oh”, “mommy”, “daddy”, “Noah”, “Luka”, “Bampop" (Grandpa) etc. He also read all of his letters as his mommy wrote them down plus all of his numbers from 1-10. And- - he recognizes and names several shapes. Not bad for an almost 2 year old.

Never in a thousand years would I have dreamed that I would have twin grandsons. They do not “run in the family”. Well, I guess they kind of do. My great great grandmother had two sets of twins. But it is kind of neat. Of course I don’t have to take care of them 24/7!!

Anyway, back to Ethan. I was there to see him born. I was there in the hospital to hold him and feed him once in awhile. I was there for the first couple of months of his life to help his mommy. I was there practically every weekend all summer that first year. But unfortunately, I haven’t seen a whole lot of him since he was about 9 months old when they moved to San Diego. I live for my daughter’s blog when she posts pictures ( of which I am posting a couple here). When she does I just sit and stare and smile.

But Ethan, thank you for thinking of your Beyuh and calling her today.


Shama-Lama Mama said...

Awwwwwwww..... that's m'boy!

You LIVE for my blog posts? Oh lordy, I better sit down to write a little more often. I still try not to step on any cracks on the sidewalk, but now I have to post regularly too!!??

Such responsibility.

That one of him in the red is why I say he sometimes reminds me of David.

Snowbird said...

No that's MY boy. Luka is yours! Hee, hee. I guess you are right about Ethan looking a bit like Dave except Dave was a bit skinnier.

If you are too busy to write, just post a pic or two every other day or so. :-)