Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas with my Grandkids

This is the first Christmas in many years that we have been with our son, daughter in law, and oldest grandkids for Christmas Morning. They arrived at our abode on Sanibel at noon on Christmas Day having spent Christmas Eve in Alabama with their maternal grandmother, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Sam and Erin decided that they wanted a REAL Christmas morning so they held off opening presents until the morning of the 26th. That is quite an undertaking for a 14 year old and a 10 year old.

Can you believe that the grandparents were the ones to wake everyone up Faux Christmas Morning?? And we had our traditional Cinnamon Buns for breakfast. Yum.

Anyway, following is a photo display of Sam and Erin's Christmas Morning. A good time was had by all!! Please forgive some blurry pictures but they were too good not to post.

Erin getting a copy of Scrubs.

Sam In a Pickle

Erin really happy over something.

You'd better watch out young man, I've got my eye on you!

Sam and Erin opening more presents.

Erin with Gloria Gorilla and Runta Red Eye.

The following is a series of pictures of Sam and Dave getting their new XBox 360. Dave knew that they were getting it but Sam had no clue in the world.

Then Sam was presented with a copy of Halo 3.

Ok, here are the blurry pictures but they were too good to pass up. Erin was presented with her own cellphone!! Not too shabby for a 10 year old.

Yeah, the adults got presents too but, hey, Christmas is all about kids, right? Anyway, it was so much fun being able to watch Sam and Erin open their goodies.

OK, Karen, where are the pictures of the rest of my grandkids and their Christmas Morning??? :-)


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